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Andis Personal Trimmer 13435 Battery Op
No more unsightly nasal and ear hair! This small battery operated personal trimmer is powerful and much safer than using the traditional shear method. The Andis Personal Trimmer can also be used to shape and trim eyebrows. Makes a great Father's Day gift!
Item # SEC-AND-C13435
Blinc Heated Lash Curler
Conventional skin-pinching curlers clamp, dent and use excessive pressure that can damage or even break your lashes. Nothing is better than heat to set a long lasting curl. Heat is used to curl the hair on your head...the same principle applies for your lashes. The challenge is to deliver the...
Blinc Micro Trimmer Aaa Batter Included
Remove unwanted hair safely, quickly and easily with the blinc micro trimmer. Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows with extreme precision, the blinc micro trimmer also contains a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths. When using the adapter, slide...
Dannyco Eylelash Curler Slim-curl  Heated
Heated eyelash curler with a slim, easy to use "wand" design. Non-intrusive tool for those who don’t like objects close to the eye. Heated grill curls the lash upward and locks in the shape - excellent for separating and defining eyelashes. Great for retail and professional use. Requires 1...
Dannyco Heated Eyelash Wide Curler
Multi-function design heats, shapes and sets the lash to create the perfect curl. Two separate heated cushions act in unison to curl and set the lashes with a single push of a button (cushions change colour when ready to use). Great for retail sales and professional use. Requires 2 AAA batteries...
Denco Battery Operated Mini Trimmer
Battery operated trimmer quickly and safely removes unwanted nose, ear and body hair. Slide-on guide included for trimming mustaches, beards, etc. Cleaning brush included.
Item # ANA-DEN-4294
Denco Blackhead Remover 2980
Double-ended tool is made of stainless steel to disinfect and keep rust-free. Flat loop is used to press out blackheads, thin loop is used to roll out whiteheads.
Item # ANA-DEN-2980
Denco Eyelash Curler 4901
Smooth and sturdy construction for excellent results. Rounded metal crimper is cushioned to ensure a curl that won't damage eyelashes.
Item # ANA-DEN-4901
Denco Fine Point Tweezer 4818
Fine point tweezers are great for any precision work, removing unwanted hairs, splinters, and more. Stainless steel, anti-magnetic.
Item # ANA-DEN-4818
Denco Foot Smoother 3980 / 3984u
Keeps feet smooth and polished, scrub feet while in shower to maintain smoothness.
Item # ANA-DEN-3980
Denco Pterygium Knife 2280
Item # ANA-DEN-2280
Denco Travel Eyelash Curler
This travel eyelash curler is available in assorted colors, makes eyelashes seem longer.
Item # ANA-DEN-1254V
Silkline Slanted Tweezer  Tse-2019
Slanted tip - all-purpose for removing facial hair, bikini line, and other unwanted hair All parts are made of STAINLESS STEEL STERILIZABLE by the most stringent methods Points are polished Smooth action Well balanced with easy-grip handle Package designed to hang on displays
Item # ANA-DAN-S2019
Wahl Micro Trimmer #5550/ Groomsman Trimmer #55605
Wahl precision blades are guaranteed to provide better results than any other brand Special attachment perfectly grooms eyebrows Brushed anodized aluminum body provides nearly indestructible casing Compact design gives you absolute control and the ability to take anywhere Instructions...
Item # SEC-WAH-C5550
Wahl Mini Wand  + Massager 4183
Relieve everyday aches and pains quickly with the benefits of a therapeutic massage. The WAHL® Mini Wand™ has a flexible neck that conforms to all areas of the body to target concentrated areas. With over 2 hour run time and full-size power in this compact form, the Mini Wand™ is...
Item # SEM-WAH-MW4183




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