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Beauty of Giving


The Beauty of Giving was founded in 2013, in honour of our team member Byron Thompson who passed away from ALS. Our goal with the Beauty of Giving program has been to help spread the beauty and kindness of this industry and its professionals to our communities and to those in need of help. 

In the first year of fundraising, we were able to raise over $85,000 with the help of our manufacturers and clients. We have since developed our Beauty of Giving program by partnering with highly regarded charities on a bi-monthly basis, coinciding with our Catalogue publications.

Our partner charities include:

Help make your community a better place - one product at a time!

We need your support to continue helping our communities and fellow citizens. Our goal is to have a positive impact, not only in our Canadian communities but to also contribute to the betterment of our world. 

Visit the Beauty of Giving website  to learn about our partnered charity and product of the month. You can also make a donation to this month's charity by clicking the link below.







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Black Friday 2018 RSVP

Black Friday 2018 RSVP