Only Available To Licensed Canadian Beauty Professionals

CHI Ionic

Did you know that the first thing we always see is not the shape or size of an object, but the color! Color, and especially hair color, is always the most noticeable signal of our appearance. As a professional hair color artist, you have the most amazing and powerful tool to transform your client's image in just one hour. Color services have been the fastest growing service as well as the most profitable service, for the past decade and it continues to grow even more. No other service in Salons claim more loyalty than hair color.
Farouk Systems CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color offers the reliability and confidence and most of all the simplicity to create successful and profitable color services in your salon. This revolutionary color is Ammonia Free providing a pleasant and safer working environment to you, your client and to our environment. CHI 44 with Ionic Technology anchors the color deep inside of the hair so your client can enjoy unparallelled longevity, shine and condition CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color is a breakthrough in the Color industry. It was created to give you the perfect tool to build profitable and professional Color
Business. Farouk Systems believes that our fellow hair artists deserve nothing but the best to be successful Hair Color Salon owners.
With CHI Permanent Shine Hair Color you will always have the Confidence, Performance and Quality. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color will give you the tools that you have been dreaming of. With CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color you will have all the tools and support in all aspects of your color business.
Our commitment at Farouk Systems has always been and will always be
• Environment
• Education
• Ethics

• with Advanced American Technology

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