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GreyFree, the original touch-up, was developed in 1941 and offers 100% gray coverage and can be used for re-growth, mustaches, beards, eyebrows, eyelashes, or lowlights. This truly innovative product was originally invented for actors and actresses for the “Big Screen” and was used by such famous make up artists as Ern Westmore. In the 1960’s the original touch-up was first brought to market targeting barber and beauty supplies. GreyFree was brought back to market in 2001 and has since made the product available in 9 different shades from light blonde to black. GreyFree’s formulation has been improved year after year to insure the highest quality colour available in the professional market and are constaintly working on developing cutting edge products and tools such as ColorMe for the salon professional and their clients.

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