Only Available To Licensed Canadian Beauty Professionals

Keune Care

With great care comes great hair.

Meet the completely renewed Care Keune range, featuring sleek, luxurious new packaging design inspired by founder Jan Keune’s pharmacy in Amsterdam and his 1920s apothecary bottles.

The renewed Keune Care products are designed to help alleviate a variety of hair concerns. Whether the issue is dry hair, damaged hair or dandruff, Keune found a properly functioning scalp is the key to beautiful, healthy hair. That’s why Care products are enriched with active ingredients that nourish and soothe scalps, while simultaneously conditioning and pampering every strand. 

Each Care product is rooted in Keune’s scientific heritage, which goes back to 1922. Formulas are enriched with the patented Essential Mineral Complex, developed according to long-established scientific practices and principles. This complex is proven to improve the condition of both scalp and hair and is made up of 5 different minerals that work together, treating and nourishing for unparalleled results.

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