Only Available To Licensed Canadian Beauty Professionals

Sinks & Backwashes

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Takara Yume Espoir Backwash/Treat System Basic

Yume Espoir is space effective, and comes in variation of specification to match each salon needs.

● Head Spa services can be offered in a basin for side washing. 
    An original basin for side washing has been developed to allow shampooing from the sides and head spa from the back.

● Lightweight & Compact 
   Yume Espoir has been downsized in size and weight for space-saving.
   Additionally, pipe arrangement above the floor is available as option for easy installation. 

● 295mm space is created between the basin and the chair when the backrest is in the upright position, allowing stylists to stand in between the basin and the chair for giving services such as shoulder massages and product application.
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