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Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz

Brand: K-PAK
Item # RJO-KPA-02-03

This offer includes Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz Liters.

A gentle color-protecting shampoo for weak or multi-processed hair. Provides a dense, cushiony lather that rinses away easily, helping to prevent tangles and protect hair fibers. This rich shampoo will significantly improve your color rentention, add shine and smoothness, and tame your flyaway hair.

You can choose a shampoo that avoids stripping hair of beautiful, new color… but you’ll double your efforts if you reach for our companion conditioner. It not only protects your color investment (which, we know, is not insignificant these days), but actually hydrates and repairs hair at the same time. How’s that for therapy? A rich color-protecting conditioner for damaged or multi-processed hair. Argan oil reduces styling time by providing a smooth surface that remains light and moveable and increases ease of wet/dry combing, reducing mechanical hair damage. Nourishes and hydrates damaged, color-treated or over-processed hair, giving your hair shine, movement and an improved responsiveness to styling.

Perfect choice for: Color-treated, structurally-weak hair that’s been highlighted or lightened.

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