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  • Moroccanoil Candle

Moroccanoil Candle

Capture the essence of the Mediterranean with the Moroccanoil® Candle. Crafted in France and fragranced with the signature Moroccanoil scent, enjoy a warm, soothing ambiance in every room. Made from premium European wax with a natural cotton wick, this long-lasting scented candle softly illuminates, with an approximate burn time of 50 hours.

How to Use:

  • Dim any overhead lighting to enjoy a warm, candle-lit ambiance that relaxes the senses.
  • Trim wick regularly to ¼" (6 mm) prior to lighting for optimal burning.
  • Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool.
  • Place on a temperature-safe surface.
  • TIP: If desired, use a candle-dipper to cleanly extinguish flame in order to preserve the integrity of the scent.


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