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  • Refectocil Tint Remover Sensitive 3.4oz

Refectocil Tint Remover Sensitive 3.4oz

Removes colour stains gently – with Sensitive formula

With RefectoCil Sensitive you can finally offer the perfect tinting service for clients with sensitive eyes and skin and ensure that they have naturally beautiful, accentuated eyes too – day and night.

Remove colour stains that occurred during tinting with RefectoCil Sensitive on the skin fast and gently with RefectoCil Sensitive Tint Remover. Gently rub with a moist cotton ball immediately after tinting.

ATTENTION: The tint remover for oxidative colours does NOT remove colour stains that occurred during tinting with RefectoCil Sensitive!

- Sensitive – no burning, no irritations – validated by tests;
- First eyebrow and eyelash tint that works based on plant extracts, with yarrow, horse chestnut extract, marigold, green tea, safflower, hydrangea, Chinese Galle, St. John's worth, walnut extract, juniper, goldenrod, nettle, blueberry, chaste berry, red wine extract;
- Only 3 minutes application time;
- Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested;
- Only silvernitrate product with 4 shades of colour.

The completely new 2-Step tinting system allows you to tint eyebrows and eyelashes in 3 minutes only – totally safe with colours based on plant extracts.

RefectoCil Sensitive is easy to use and achieves best tinting results, lasts up to 6 weeks and is absolutely smudge- and waterproof.


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