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Credo Corn Cutter Callus Remover
Clip-on rasp included for smoothing the skin and treating smaller areas.
Credo Corn Cutter Replacement Blades 100pcs
Easy-to-use planer reduces corns and calluses. Gently slide blade over surface, taking care not to cut live skin. Includes snap-on rasp to smooth rough skin.
Item # ANA-DAN-CRB100
Credo Replacement Blades 10pk
10 pack of replacement blades for use with Credo Callus Remover.
Item # ANA-DAN-C25146
Dannyco Limited Edition Pink Plaid Foot File
Double sided, plastic handle, 100/180 grit.
Item # ANA-DAN-XD125
Denco 3.5" Mustache Scissor & Comb 2pk
Denco 3.5" Mustache Scissor and Comb pack includes fine-tooth comb with sturdy well-rounded teeth that will not scratch skin. Scissors are sharp fo clean and smooth trims.
Item # ANA-DEN-4102
Denco Blackhead Remover
Double-ended tool is made of stainless steel to disinfect and keep rust-free. Flat loop is used to press out blackheads, thin loop is used to roll out whiteheads.
Item # ANA-DEN-2980
Denco Callus Reducer
Callus reducer features a comfortable plastic handle stainless steel rasp to prevent rust. Fine grade rasp quickly and gently reduces tough calluses.
Denco Claw Tip Tweezers
Excellent all-purpose tweezers made of stainless steel.
Item # ANA-DEN-4877
Denco Corn Plane Refill Blades 10pk
Helps eliminate painful corns or thick tough calluses. Double-edged blades can be replaced as needed.
Item # ANA-DEN-3911
Denco Foot Smoother
Keeps feet smooth and polished, scrub feet while in shower to maintain smoothness.
Item # ANA-DEN-3980
Denco Professional Gold Tweezers
Featuring a claw-style locking tip, these tweezers have a flat edge to grip hairs and pluck without slipping.
Item # ANA-DEN-4885
Denco Skin Care Tool Stainless Steel
Stainless steel for disinfecting, stays rust free. Double ended extractor does double duty - Flat loop is used to press out blackheads while the thin loop is used to roll out whiteheads.
Item # ANA-DEN-2981
Denco Sland Tip Tweezers
Lightweight stainless steel slant-tip tweezers are ergonomic, designed to ensure precise tweezing.
Item # ANA-DEN-4870
Denco Slant/point Tweezers
Two tweezers in one! Pointed tips remove fine hairs, slanted edge is great for eyebrows. Stainless steel.
Item # ANA-DEN-4873
Denco Splinter Tweezers
Stainless steel anti-magnetic tweezers have a fine tip to help remove splinters. Good for any precision work.
Item # ANA-DEN-4808
Denco Stainless Steel Comedo Extractor
This stainless steel single loop extraction tool has a textured handle for extra grip.
Item # ANA-DEN-2986
Denco Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezers
Stainless steel anti-magnetic tweezers are good for accurate tweezing and plucking eyebrows.
Item # ANA-DEN-4845
Denco Tip Tweezers
Stainless steel lightweight ergonomic design ensures precise work. Super fine tip to remove ingrown hairs and splinters.
Item # ANA-DEN-4874
Denco Tweezer Slant Tip
These tweezers help remove unwanted hair with precision-ground tips for reliable tweezing.
Item # ANA-DEN-4810
Denco Ultra Metallic Smoother File
This file smooths mild calluses and rough dry skin. Can be used wet or dry.
Item # ANA-DEN-3986
Denco Ultra Nickel File 3988uv
This file gently smooths even the toughest calluses with high quality nickel grit. It easily reduces and exfoliates rough cracked skin. Works effectively on dry skin, eliminating the need to soak and scrub. Can be used wet or dry, no rusting or corrosion.
Item # ANA-DEN-3988
Gehwol Biosana Wood Pedfile
This amazing double-sided pedicure file uses two durable grits to smooth away the calluses. Durable and washable.
Silkline Double-Sided Foot File Plastic #7000
Hygienic and affordably priced so estheticians can use it as a disposable tool and prevent cross-contamination Durable and sanitizable: resistant to the effects of water, alcohol and other disinfectants Double-sided – one side with 80 grit (coarse), one side with 180 grit (medium). The...
Item # ANA-DAN-7000
SilkLine Foot File Duo Regular + Mini 2pk
Includes Foot File 531 in regular and mini travel size, for perfect feet even when on vacation!
Item # ANA-DAN-531D
SilkLine Slanted Tip Tweezer
Slanted tip - all-purpose for removing facial hair, bikini line, and other unwanted hair All parts are made of STAINLESS STEEL STERILIZABLE by the most stringent methods Points are polished Smooth action Well balanced with easy-grip handle Package designed to hang on displays
Item # ANA-DAN-S2019
SilkLine Wet/Dry Double Sided Wood Foot File #8000
Features: Wet /dry foot file Two-sided file with thick wood handle Extra-durable: can last up to 3 months Heavy-duty construction for aggressive filing SANITIZABLE: use any chemical sterilizer Use DRY with coarse side, use WET with the smooth side Removes calluses and smoothes...
Item # ANA-DAN-8000
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Silkline #531NC Foot File Wood Handle Double Sided
Features: Two-sided foot file with Oak Wood handle; One side medium grain, the other side coarse grain.
Item # ANA-DAN-531
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