Terms of Sale

1. Return Policy

1.1 Returns and Credits

Returns are issued as a credit on account and will not be refunded in the original form of purchase. No Refunds. Exchange or credit only.
100% credit will be given for resalable merchandise returned in the original, unmarked, unsoiled package, within sixty (60) days from the date of purchase with office approval.
80% credit will be given for resalable merchandise returned in the original, unmarked, unsoiled package, after sixty (60) days from the date of purchase with office approval.
No credit will be given for merchandise returned after six (6) months from the date of purchase.
No credit will be given for merchandise that have been used.
No credit will be given for merchandise returned that is not resalable.
No credit will be given for items that are marked, labeled, used or soiled packaging.
No credit will be given on merchandise that has been discontinued, clearance, special ordered, skincare, makeup & pre-packs.
No credit will be given for items that fall in the "Final Sale Bracket Above".
All credits must be used within 30 days of return.

1.2 Restocking Fees For Return Items

0 - 60 days from original purchase date: 0% restocking fee, full credit given.
60 - 90 days from original purchase date: 20% restocking fee.
90 - 120 days from original purchase date: 30% restocking fee.
120 - 150 days from original purchase date: 40% restocking fee.
150 – 180 days from original purchase date: 50% restocking fee.
180 days (6 months) or more from original purchase date: No returns or exchanges.

1.3 Discrepancies/Credit Annulment

No credit will be issued to items that do not comply with the Modern Beauty return policy. Items that will not receive a credit include, but are not limited to:

  • Items that are returned after one hundred eighty (180) days.
  • Items that have been used.
  • Items not deemed to be resalable.
  • Items that are marked, labeled, or have been used.
  • Items that have been discontinued.
  • Special order items.
  • Clearance items.
  • Items that fall in the 1.4 section below with retail product returns for no credit/final sale brands.

1.4 Final Sale Products & Brands

  • Ardell
  • Blinc
  • Education
  • Ergo Brushes
  • Framar 
  • Fake Bake
  • Furniture
  • GiGi
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hemp Nation
  • Liquid Keratin
  • Marianna
  • OPI 
  • Segals Skincare
  • Stylist Spray Bottles
  • Stylist Wear
  • Wilma Schumann
  • YS Park
  • Professional Products (lightener, color, developer, straightening & smoothing treatments)
  • Alcohol, applicator/spray bottles, cleaning/disinfecting products, hand sanitizer, face shields, masks, gloves, capes, towels, or tint bowls/brushes

1.5 Defective Merchandise

Modern Beauty assumes no responsibility unless damages are reported upon receiving the shipment. 
Any damages caused by or due to shipping need to be noted on the weigh bill, and Modern Beauty must be notified within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. 
If damages/defects are not reported upon delivery, the product on that shipment will no longer be accepted in the coming months due to any of the following reasons:

  • Broken pumps
  • Dented bottles
  • Expired products
  • Separation

Manufacturer defective retail product will be accepted as such and replaced for client up to 6 months.

1.6 Color

No exchanges or returns. Please note, the hair color swatches are for digital previewing only and are not an exact representation of the actual hair color. Modern is not held responsible for any inaccuracies or discrepancies on hair color results.

1.7 Equipment/Furniture

No credit on specially ordered equipment and any furniture sales. All sales are final.

1.8 Electrical

No returns, exchanges or refunds, only manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer warranty applies to all electrical. Please see point 2 for electrical warranties.

1.9 Shears

Modern Beauty Supplies Inc. will only guarantee shears that have a manufacturer’s warranty and only if it is a manufacturer’s defect. Our office must be notified of any manufacturer defects within 24 hours from the time the shear was received.

2. Warranties

Any electrical appliance that has been abused or tampered with will void any warranty and is strictly enforced. All defective replacements/credits must be accompanied by proof of purchase. All defective replacement warranties are based on the original purchase dare and require proof of purchase before replacement is considered.

2.1 Iron/Dryer Electrical Warranty

All electrical is final sale.


  • Replacements require copy of defective replacement invoice with comments specifying the reason for return, original invoice number.
  • All electrical must be tested in salon (by Sale Reps) or in the showroom before being brought back or replaced.
  • Strictly enforced on all electrical – any appliance that has been abused or tampered with will void the warranty.
  • All defective replacement warranties are based on the original purchase date and require proof of purchase.

 Electrical Warranty 

  • ABAA / ALLURE Iron & Straightening Brush: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Allure irons: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • AmericanNails: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Brazilian Blowout/Rowenta irons/dryers: no warranty, no exceptions 
  • Farouk (CHI, Kardashian, Miss Universe) electrical: One (1) year defective replacements warranty. One additional year manufacturer warranty only.
  • Dannyco (Babyliss, Avanti, Isinis, Zazen) Hydrasonic/dryers/irons/wax warmers/UV & LED lamps: One (1) year defective replacement warranty. Absolutely no Elchim dryer warranty. 
  • GiGi wax warmers: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • GHD: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Helen of Troy/Hot Tools Irons/Dryers: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Moroccanoil Irons/Dryers: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Salon Tech Tools: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • OPI UV and LED lamps: GC900 & AX900 - manufacturer warranty only, GL900 - 1 year defective replacement warranty
  • Scalpmaster Lather Time Lather Machine: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Schwarzkopf Irons/Dryers: Two (2) years defective replacement warranty. (SKP mini dryer & iron are only 3-month replacement)
  • The Spit Ender Pro: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • TIGI Irons/Dryers: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • Unite electrical: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.

2.2 Clipper/Trimmer Warranties

All defective replacement clippers/trimmers require the defective replacement invoice noting reason, original invoice number and original invoice date attached with the item.

All clippers and trimmers are final sale and must be accompanied with original packaging and accessories for the warranty to be valid.

  • Andis clippers and trimmers have a 60 day warranty.
    Please note: We will not accept defective replacements for Master Clipper's making loud noise. All Master Clipper's have a yellow sheet in with the clipper explaining how to adjust the sound.
  • Babyliss/Forfex/CHI: One (1) year defective replacement warranty.
  • JRL Clippers: Clippers and trimmers have 60 days warranty 
  • Oster clippers/trimmers are classified in 2 categories: "Repairable" and "Non-repairable".
    Repairable Items:
    - 76076-010-003 Classic 76 Clipper
    - 76023-510-001 Fast Feed Adjustable Blade Clipper
    - 76010-010-000 Model 10 Clipper
    - 76059-010-001 T-Finisher Trimmer
    - 76059-040-000 Finish Line Trimmer
    Non-Repairable Items
    - 76110-010 Juice Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper
    - 76175-010-000 Model One Clipper
    - 76105-010-000 C/C Turbo Clipper
    - 76998-310-001 Artisan C/C Trimmer
    - 76988-310-200 O-Baby Mini Trimmer
    - 76070-010-000  mXpro Magnetic Clipper
  • Defective, repairable clippers/trimmers within the first 30 days of purchase qualify for an over the counter replacement
    After 30 days the clipper/trimmer is to be sent by the customer to an Oster Authorized Service Centre (ASC) for assessment and repair within the first year from date of purchase.
    The ASC will either repair and return unit or deem it un-repairable. If un-repairable the ASC will replace the unit.
  • Wahl Clippers / Trimmers: 60 day defective replacement warranty. After 60 days they need to be sent to Wahl by the customer for REPAIR ONLY.
  • Wahl Hot Lather Machine: 1 year defective replacement warranty.

2.3 Shear Warranties

  • Allure shears: approval required
  • Dannyco shears/razors: 1 year defective replacement warranty.
  • Japanese and Jaguar shears(Dannyco):  1 year manufacturer warranty only.
  • Kamisori shears/razors: no warranty, no exceptions
  • Katamo shears/razors: Manufacturer defect only. To be sent for repairs at customer expense - prior approval required.
  • Kasho shears: 
    for series: KDM/KCB/KIV/KSI shears have a 1 year 1 free sharpening policy.
    for series: KGR/KZR/KXP/KML/KAD/KSI DCL (BLACK)/KML DLC (BLACK)/KAD DLC (BLACK) shears have a 2 year 2 free sharpening policy.
    *The customer pays shipping and handling to andthe from service center.

All additional shear brands: Manufacturer warranty only.

3. Furniture

3.1 Furniture Terms

All furniture, equipment and software sales are final. No returns or exchanges are allowed.
All furniture sales are prepaid. Full payment is required before the product is shipped.
Shipping fees are always an additional cost. There is no free shipping on furniture orders.
If you receive your furniture shipment and noticed damage on any of the boxes, please do not sign the shipment. If the shipment is signed, please ensure you document on the bill of landing, the number of damaged boxes and have the driver sign it immediately. Modern Beauty will replace damaged furniture at no cost.

3.2 Furniture Warranties

Warranty on styling chairs is five (5) years on hydraulic pumps from Belvedere and Global, ten (10) years on Belmont hydraulic pumps and two (2) years on AGV hydraulic pumps.
Warranty on all chair tops is one (1) year.
Fabrics are not warranted against fading, staining, soiling, normal wear and tear, negligence or abuse.
Modern Beauty will not guarantee to match upholstery as slight variations in color may occur between dye lots. Although we attempt to minimize these variances, they do occur.
Warranty on Unique Styling Mats is five (5) years. Warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by sharp objects or high heels.
No warranty on glass after delivery.
Warranty includes the replacement of the defective item; any shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.
Modern Beauty is not responsible for any damage caused by improper handling of the furniture by owners or trades people.
Modern Beauty is not responsible for any damage that is a result of improper installation or labor especially on items that require plumbing or electrical work.
The warranty on any furniture item starts from the invoice date.

4. Credit Card Payments

The best way to purchase any product from the Modern Website is payment via a credit card. For a credit card payment, we will ask you specific, relevant information we require for the various authorization and verification process of the purchase. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to execute your order until the authorization and verification processes are cleared. 

5. Charging Your Credit Card

As soon as your order is processed, we apply the order total to your credit card. Once the order is shipped, delay in the shipment or installation will not relieve you of your obligation to accept any charges for the particular transaction. Please note, the initial pre-authorization amount shown on your credit card my vary from the final amount you are invoiced and charged.

6. Payment Disputes

Modern may go for litigation in the case of payment disputes. If your credit card company refuses payment, we may delay the shipment, or cancel the order outright. Additionally, we may deduct any sums that you owe us from any amount due to you. In addition, we will be entitled to reasonable costs that we incur for collection, including legal fees.

7. Credit Card Security

Credit card security is foremost in our minds, and we appreciate the care that our customers take about their personal and critical information.
We do not store credit card numbers(s) on our customer's profile. You will need to re enter your credit card information during every order you place with us. 

8. Shipping and Shipping Charges

Provided your orders are in stock, we will ship your orders within three business days, post the receipt of your order and credit card verification. We ship all our orders via Purolator from the Modern office closest in proximity to the delivery address. 
The EDD (estimated delivery dates) are calculated based on which orders are received Monday to Friday, holidays excluded. We do not ship or deliver any orders on holidays and weekends. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the delivery date and time for any order.

Additional Standard Shipping charges may apply based on rural locations and furniture orders.
Shipping Method:  Purolator Regular Ground Service.
Estimated Arrival Time: 2-7 business days from the date of shipment.

9. Promo

*FREE Two Satin Smooth Hand Packs when you spend $150 online. Must total $150 before tax. Promo code SMOOTH. Valid May 1st to June 30th, 2024. Excludes in-store pickup & business advisor delivery. Limit 1 per customer.

10. Sales Tax

We collect sales tax from customers as is required by the Provincial and Federal legislation. 

11. Prices

The prices listed on the Modern Website for a particular product is the price that the product is available for, at the time we receive your order. We change the prices from time and time. It is also possible that there is an error in the pricing of a particular product in which case the charge that appears on your final invoice will be correct. Any prices that appear online will be overridden by our system in which case the amount preauthorized on your credit card may vary from the final checkout/invoiced amount. All prices are in Canadian dollars. The prices on the Modern Website are exclusive of sales tax and shipping charges.

12. Limitations of Modern Beauty Supplies Liability

Modern Beauty Supplies will not be liable for any special, indirect, consequential damages that are a result of the use or inability to use this site, or from the purchase and use of products available on the Modern Website. This is true, even in the case that Modern representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The total liability of Modern and Damages for all damages, losses, and a cause of action (in tort, contract or legal theory) shall in no event, exceed the amount that you paid for the product purchased on the site.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are in accordance with the laws of the Province of Alberta, and are exclusive of its choice of law rules. The courts in Calgary, Alberta have the sole jurisdiction and venue of any legal proceedings.

If any of these provisions are held by a court of law, or other tribunal with competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, these provisions shall be limited, or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary. These terms shall remain in full force and effect otherwise. The prices, product descriptions and other illustrations can be changed at any time, without prior intimation. The inventory of some items limits itself to the amount of supply in hand.

For information about the use of any critical and personal information provided to Modern when you use this Site, please review our Privacy Policy.