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Jan/Feb 2019

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1922 By J.M. Keune Diggin' This Dopp Kit
This hair care box set includes the following 3 products: Essential Shampoo 8.5oz Essential Conditioner 8.5oz Premier Paste 2.5oz
Item # RKU-JMK-XD100
ABAA Sraightening Brush BOGO 2pk
Buy 1 ABAA Straightening Brush, Get 1 FREE! ABAA Beauty Hair Straightening Brush is the easiest and most gentle way to get straight, frizz-free hair. Simply brush through your hair to make it straight, smooth and frizz-free. The hair straightening brush evenly distributes heat without damaging...
Item # SEI-ABA-02-01
Allure 450 Flat Iron 1" 2+1
Buy 2 Allure 450 Flat Irons, Get 1 Free! Want perfection from your flat iron? Try the Allure 450, designed for salon and home use, the temperature can be adjusted to suit and can also maintain a constant 450° F high heat for perfect smoothing treatments. The versatile rounded barrel perfect...
Item # SEI-ALL-02-06
Allure Straightening Brush Iron 2+1
Buy 2 Allure Straightening Brush Irons, Get 1 FREE! A straightening brush like no other! Quality and innovation make all the difference. Straighten 6X faster and you don't have to worry about sectioning hair! Innovative Heating: Ceramic tourmaline coated core, unique curved plate design,...
Item # SEI-ALL-02-07
Bedhead For Men Dense Up Style Building Shampoo 8.5oz 2+1
Buy 2 Dense Up Style Building Shampoo 8.5oz, Get 1 Free! Enhances style performance by providing texture, body and long-lasting control. If the style starts to flop, push it back in place to reactivate. Hair is left hydrated and moisturized. This shampoo helps promote healthy looking hair and a...
Item # RTI-BFM-02-02
Bedhead For Men Press Up Body Building Foam 4oz 2+1
Buy 2 Press Up Body Building Foam 4oz, Get 1 Free! Provides light texture and hold for style longevity. Body building fibres allow for fuller, thicker looking hair. This foam helps promote healthy looking hair. Don’t let your hair flop! Keep it performing for up to 24 hours! With a...
Item # RTI-BFM-02-01
Bedhead For Men Thick Up Line Grooming Cream 3.4oz 2+1
Buy 2 Thick Up Line Grooming Cream 3.4oz, Get 1 Free! Provides texture, body and long-lasting control. If the style starts to flop, push it back in place to reactivate. Hair is left hydrated and moisturized. This grooming cream helps promote healthy looking hair with a Fresh Green Basil Mint...
Item # RTI-BFM-02-03
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Duo 10oz
2 pray & Play Volumizing Hairspray for a special price. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray gives your hair moveable and unbelievable volume, lift and hold. This firm, fast-drying volumizing hairspray leaves hair manageable and super shiny while defending it against damaging...
Item # RBS-BSH-XD100
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Duo 10oz
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumizing Hairspray is a super firm volumizing hairspray that gives unbelievable lift and hold. This fast-drying volumizing hairspray leaves hair manageable and super shiny while defending it against damaging UV rays. Its extra strength won't diminish...
Item # RBS-BSH-XD105
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay Spray Duo 9oz
This pack includes 2 Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray. Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray is the strongest long lasting hairspray EVER created by Sexy Hair! Its stronger resin and new production technology allows it to create a stronger, longer-lasting...
Item # RBS-BSH-XD110
Catwalk Fashionista Violet Tween 2pk 25oz
This great value TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Tween Shampoo & Conditioner Duo contains: TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo tween - boosts cool tones, reduces brassy tones, and delivers captivating shine. Sulphate Surfactant Free. TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner tween...
Item # RTI-CAT-XD320
Catwalk Your Highness Tween 2pk 25oz
The TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Tween has been put together for people with flat hair that needs some serious lift. Working together, the shampoo and conditioner will add volume and enhance your hair's flexibility, creating big, bouncy hair that moves freely and exudes vitality.Set Contains:TIGI...
Item # RTI-CAT-XD340
CHI Blondest Blonde Deal
Buy CHI Blondest Blonde Powder 32oz, Get 20 Vol Generator 30oz FREE! CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic Powder Lightener is a revolutionary dust free powder containing silk proteins that lightens exceptionally fast and contains silk proteins, making it gentler on the hair. Works for on or off the scalp...
Item # PFA-PBL-02-02
CHI Deep Brilliance Gold Intro & Relax System
Includes: 3- Moisture Shamp 12oz 3- Moisture Cond 12oz 1- Deep Protein Masque 8oz 1- Shine Serum 3oz 1- Smooth Edge 1.9oz 1- Shine Sheen Spray 5.3oz 1- Flexible Hair Spray 10oz Bonus: 1- Deep Protein Masque 8oz 1- Neutralizing Shampoo 12oz 1- Shine Serum 3oz 10- Shine Serum...
Item # RFA-DEE-02-01
CHI Keratin Mist 12oz BOGO
Buy 2 CHI Keratin Mist 12oz for a special price. Leave-in strengthening treatment that helps  provide hair with strength, protection and softness. Protects the hair from daily use of thermal tools Infuses hair with proteins Evens the porosity of the hair shaft
Item # RFA-CHI-02-10
CHI Lava Flat Iron Offer + Royal Treatment Duo
Buy CHI Lava Hairstyling Iron, Get Royal Treatment Styling Duo Free (Includes retail size Ultimate Control hairspray and Rapid Shine spray.)! The CHI Volcanic Lava Flat Iron is sourced from some of the most effective heat-conducting materials found on earth; volcanic lava combined with the...
Item # RFA-CHI-02-11
CHI Luxury Intro & Pin Your Curls Kit
Purchase CHI Luxury Salon Intro Kit, Get Pin Your Curls Kit Free. Salon intro kit includes: (2) Dry Shampoo 5.3oz (2) Flexible Hold Hair Spray 12oz (1) Gentle Cleansing Shampoo 12oz (1) Moisture Replenish Conditioner 12oz (1) Revitalizing Masque 5oz (1) Leave-in Conditoner 4oz (2)...
Item # RFA-LUX-02-02
CHI Luxury Mane Attraction Trio 25oz
CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil provides a luxurious haircare experience with the ability to rejuvenate, revitalize, and fortify hair with Black Seed Dry Oil. This exotic oil known for its rich healing properties helps to revitalize hair for soft, supple and shiny results. Black Seed Oil has been one...
Item # RFA-LUX-02-03
CHI Moringa Oil Duo 3oz
Includes 2 CHI Moringa Oil at a special price. CHI Argan plus Moringa Oil is a lightweight, quick absorbing blend of oils specially formulated to rejuvenate and moisturize dull, damaged hair. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, this luxurious oil blend instantly smooth’s hair for healthy...
Item # RFA-CHI-02-09
CHI Moringa Oil Shamp Cond 2pk 25oz
Item # RFA-CHI-XD110
CHI Tea Tree Oil Duo 25oz
Item # RFA-TEA-XD115
CHI Tea Tree Soothing Scalp Spray Duo 3oz
Includes 2 Soothing Scalp Sprays at a special price. Soothing and calming spray that helps relieve irritation and itching between shampoos. Moisturizes dry scalp Promotes hair health Invigorates and soothes
Item # RFA-TEA-02-01
Color Wow Color Security Shampoo With Litre Deal
Buy 6 Color Security Shampoo 8.4oz, Get Liter for only $10 more! This renegade shampoo is leading the “bare hair revolution” - Unlike typical shampoos, Color Security Shampoo is uniquely formulated without Silicones or natural oils, Conditioning gums, Pearlizing agents, Thickening...
Item # RWO-WOW-02-02
Color Wow Dream Coat For Curly Hair With Mini Shampoo Deal
Purchase 12 Color Wow Dream Coat For Curly Hair 6.7oz, Get 6 Color Security Shampoo 2oz Free! Meet the “curl whisperer”! Breakthrough, light-as-water spray air-dries to deliver the silky, glossy, perfectly defined, “crunch-free” curls of your dreams! Finally! A...
Item # RWO-WOW-02-03
Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant & Mini Shampoo Deal
Buy 12 Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Sealant 6.oz, get 6 Color Security Shampoo 2oz Free! You need to see it to believe it! Humidity proofing…plus silky smooth texture! Lasts up to 2 to 3 shampoos! Color chemicals leave hair porous and vulnerable to humidity. Dreaded moisture...
Item # RWO-WOW-02-01
Eprouvage Reviving Scalp Serum 5+1
Buy 5, get 1 free! With Progressive Plant Cells for thicker, fuller hair. A potent scalp treatment formulated with the award-winning ingredient, Redensyl® and our Progressive Plant Cells: rejuvenating Egyptian Blue Lily Stem Cells, highly concentrated French Oak extracts and various...
Item # REP-EPR-02-01
Esquire Grooming Shamp Cond Tween Duo
Water based formula with a unique blend of ingredients, promoting healthy, stronger, thicker hair. Includes Shampoo and Conditioner 25oz.
Item # RFA-ESQ-02-02
Esquire Grooming Trimmer & Shear Deal
Buy Esquire Grooming Shears 7", Get 5 Piece Trimmer Free! 7" Japanese steel cutting blade 100% cutting rate Convex edge design Off-set handle Flat ball bearing 5 Piece Trimmer Set: A five-piece trimmer set that provides power, precision, control and versatility. Instantly interchange...
Item # RFA-ESQ-02-03
Healthy Sexy Hair Love Is In The Hair Cosmetic Bag 2pk
This pack includes: 1- Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner 8.5oz 1- Love Oil 3.4oz 1- Bleeding Hearts Bag Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner: The powerful combination of Soy and Cocoa work synergistically to perfectly care for your hair! A conditioner that is both a nourishing moisturizer and mild...
Item # RBS-HSH-XD100
Healthy Sexy Hair Pure Addiction Spray Duo 9oz
Buy 2 Healthy Sexy Hair Pure Addiction Alcohol-Free Hairspray for a special price. Healthy Sexy Hair Pure Addiction Alcohol Free Hairspray offers 72 hours humidity resistance. Fastest drying No-Alcohol Professional Hairspray* (Compared to leading professional brand). Maintains the natural...
Item # RBS-HSH-XD105
Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Spray Duo 9oz
Buy 2 Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Weightless Hairspray 9oz for a special price. Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray enhanced with mimosa oil and moonstones, is a weightless hairspray that provides bounce, shine and hold, minus the product feel. It's the softest, most touchable hairspray...
Item # RBS-HSH-XD110
Hot Sexy Hair Control Me Spray Duo 8oz
Purchase 2 Hot Sexy Hair Control Me Working Spray 8oz for a special price. Control Me is a thermal protection working hairspray. It offers heat protection up to 450 degrees and holds styles for up to 72 hours! It's ideal for creating sleek waves and smooth styles and great for most hair...
Item # RBS-SSH-XD100
Joico Blonde Life Bightening Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This offer includes Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz Liters. There’s nothing wrong with having a blonde moment. Especially if that moment is spent gently cleansing your highlighted hair with our extraordinary sulfate-free shampoo—a satisfying experience that...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-06
Joico Body Luxe Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This offer includes Joico Body Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz Liters. Body Luxe Shampoo: Want to bulk up without gaining an ounce? We have the skinny on how you can do exactly that: Our Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo powers up the body, volume, and thickness of the finest strands without...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-04
Joico Color Balance Blue Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This duo includes Color Balance Blue Shampoo 33.8oz and Conditioner 33.8oz. Joico's Color Balance Blue color-balancing shampoo gently cleanses while neutralizing brassy/orange tones to maintain lightened or highlighted brown hair. Joico's Color Balance Blue color-balancing conditioner...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-07
Joico Color Balance Purple Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
Joico’s Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™, along with tone-correcting pigments make these shampoos and conditioners perfectly formulated to not only protect your haircolor but make sure it’s the beautiful color you want to keep – like you just stepped out of the salon! With...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-08
Joico Color Endure Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
Sulfate-free Color Endure keeps color true to hue with our triple-threat Multi-spectrum Defense Complex, a mega complex of fade-defying Green Tea, antioxidants and UV protectors that fight both the physical and environmental factors that can cause fading and tonal change. Includes Shampoo and...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-02
Joico Color Endure Violet Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This offer includes Color Endure Violet Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz Liters. Color Endure Violet Shampoo: Blondes may have more fun… but trust us, they have a lot more fun when their icy color stays sassy not brassy. And no shade on the color wheel helps maintain this cool more...
Item # RJO-JOI-02-03
Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This offer includes Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz Liters. A gentle color-protecting shampoo for weak or multi-processed hair. Provides a dense, cushiony lather that rinses away easily, helping to prevent tangles and protect hair fibers. This rich shampoo will...
Item # RJO-KPA-02-03
Joico K-PAK Hair Repair System 4pk
K-PAK hair repair system - Save on K-PAK’s Most Powerful Players! 1 - K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo, liter 1 - K-PAK Cuticle Sealer, liter 1 - K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor, liter 1 - K-PAK Intense Hydrator, liter
Item # RJO-KPA-02-04
Joico K-PAK Regular Shamp Cond Litre Duo 33.8oz
This offer includes Joico K-PAK Sampoo and Conditioner 33.8oz liters. To say that K-PAK shampoo “cleanses your hair,” is like saying a Chanel coat “keeps you warm.” Sure, it gets the grime out… but it also turns your cleansing into the first step of a...
Item # RJO-KPA-02-02
JRL Clipper Trimmer Duo
JRL Fresh Fade 1040 Clipper: Professional hair clipper with 45mm titanium blades, strong and wear resistant, for a smooth and precise cutting. It has an advanced cooling system "Forced Air Cooling System" which keeps the blade cold. It does not hook the hair, obtaining an uniform cut. Its...
Item # SEC-JRL-02-01
Keune Care Silver Savior Litre Duo 33.8oz
Includes: 1 - Silver Savior Shampoo 33.8oz 1 - Silver Savior Conditioner 33.8oz Care Silver Savior Shampoo is gentle and brightening, designed to refresh cool blonde and silver tones. The shampoo features brass-busting violet pigments and nourishing agents to keep cool blonde, grey,...
Item # RKU-CAR-02-01
Keune Design Color Care Essentials
Keep your color looking great with Design Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner and Brilliant Gloss Spray. Purchase three shampoos and conditioners and receive 12 travel size Brilliant Gloss Sprays, free. Kit Includes: 3 x Color Care Shampoo, 250 ml 3 x Color Care Conditioner, 200 ml 12 x...
Item # RKU-KDE-02-01
Moroccanoil Color Continue Shamp Cond Duo 16.9oz
Purchase Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo and Conditioner 16.9oz at a special price. Meet the NEW Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection, our revolutionary 360° approach to color care that starts in the salon and is maintained at home. The collection helps your haircolor last longer...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD275
Moroccanoil Foundation Oil Treatment  Kit - Original
This offer includes: 4 - Moroccanoil Treatment Original 3.4oz 6 - Moroccanoil Treatment Original 0.3oz
Item # RMO-MOR-XD161
Moroccanoil Hydrate Shamp Cond Duo 16.9oz
Purchase Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner 16.9oz at a special price. Shampoo: Infuse dehydrated, dry hair with much-needed moisture. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo conditions hair with antioxidant-rich argan oil, Vitamins A and E and moisture-attracting red algae—for hair that...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD280
Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shamp Cond Duo 16.9oz
Purchase Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner 16.9oz for a special price. Shampoo: Repair damaged hair caused by colour, chemical processing or heat styling. Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and revives hair to leave it nourished, manageable and...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD300
Based on 2 reviews.
Moroccanoil Smooth Shamp Cond Duo 16.9oz
Purchase Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner 16.9oz at a special price. Shampoo: Smooth and tame unruly, frizzy hair with this gentle cleansing formula. Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo with AminoRenew™ restores depleted amino acids to strengthen hair and align its natural keratin...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD285
Moroccanoil Volume Shamp Cond Duo 16.9oz
Includes Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and COnditioner 16.9oz at a special price. Shampoo: Transform and volumize fine hair from lifeless to lively! Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo works weightlessly to gently cleanse and add volume to fine, limp hair. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD305
Nook The Service Color No Yellow Shampoo Deal
Buy 18 Nook The Service Color No Yellow Shampoo retail 10oz size, get Litre free! Formulated with Goji Water and Organic Red Grape Oil (eco-certified), known for their antioxidant and regenerating properties. Specific for bleached, streaked, lightened and highlighted hair, it effectively...
Item # RNO-NOO-02-02
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner 13.5oz 2+1
Buy 2 Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Spray Conditioners 13.5oz, Get 1 Free! Hyaluronic Moisture Kick - For normal to dry, wavy or curly hair. When hair lacks moisture, it lacks shine, elasticity and bounce, making it brittle and harder to manage. Thirsty hair needs treatment fast; feeding it with...
Item # RSC-BON-02-01
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Magic Anti-Frizz Shine Serum 1.7oz 3+1
Buy 3 OSiS Magic Anti-Frizz Serums, Get 1 Free! With a smooth silky touch finish Magic offers instant mirror like shine with weightless hold and separation.
Item # RSC-OSI-02-05
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Session Label Miracle 15 1.7oz 3+1
Buy 3 OSiS Miracle 15, get 1 Free! Prime, style and finish with this super versatile multi-purpose balm. Used at all stages of your styling routine, OSiS+ SESSION LABEL MIRACLE 15: instantly detangles creates a silky moisturized hair feel provides heat protection (up to 230º) 96...
Item # RSC-OSI-02-06
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Session Label Texture Spray Deal 10.1oz
Buy 6 Session Label Texture Hairsprays, get 2 Bonus Hairsprays and Shelftalker FREE! For ultra-textured styles clients love (think waves, braids and ponies!), Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® Session Label Texture Hairspray creates buildable structure and movement for versatile looks. And...
Item # RSC-OSI-02-04
Unite Stay Cool Blonda Retail Trio
Blonda Toning Shampoo - New Look, Same Great Formula! This ultra-violet shampoo gently cleanses, purifies, and neutralizes unwanted brassy tones in just one minute. Blonda Daily Shampoo - This rich and creamy daily shampoo soothes the scalp while gently cleansing hair without stripping color or...
Item # RUN-UNI-XD230
Verb Sea Shamp Cond Retail Duo
This pack includes Sea Shampoo and Conditioner 12oz. Verb Sea Shampoo gently cleanses hair, adds body and enhances waves for a natural, tousled look. Leaves hair voluminous and with touchable texture. Verb Sea Conditioner softens hair, adds body and leaves hair tangle-free. Formulated to wash...
Item # RVE-VER-XD215
Verb Volume Shamp Cond Retail Duo
Item # RVE-VER-XD220
Wahl Bravura Bravmini Duo
Wahl Bravura Clipper Features: Powered by a Lithium Ion Battery, this cord/cordless clippers offers a 90 minute run time with 1 hour charge time Powerful and quiet rotary motor runs at 5,000 RPM's with constant speed control and low vibration, regardless of the battery charge level. Includes a...
Item # SEC-WAH-02-09 Series
Wahl Motion Clipper Trimmer Duo
Cord/cordless operation Highly efficient and durable lithium ion battery without memory effec Up to 90 minutes of battery operating time Trimmer - 2 hour super quick charge Timmer -Ultra close 0.4mm cutting
Item # SEC-WAH-02-12




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