• Blinc Eye Shadow Primer Flesh Tone

Blinc Eye Shadow Primer Flesh Tone

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blinc Eye Shadow Primer allows you to have crease-free shadow all day. In addition to superior hold, blinc's primer for eye shadow contains anti-aging ingredients that clinical studies have shown to decrease fine lines after just six weeks by 67% and increase skin's moisture after just one week by 53%.

blinc's Eye Shadow Primer is designed to hold your eye shadow all day while providing skin with anti-aging benefits.

blinc's concealer Eyeshadow Primer provides a perfect cover and finish by camouflaging and filling fine lines and eliminating redness. All kinds of makeup can be superimposed for a color resistant to creases, burrs or soiling, even in cases of perspiration or bad weather.

How to Use:

  • Apply blinc Eye Shadow Primer on clean, dry lids for best results.
  • Using the wand applicator, apply a few small dots of product on your lid and then use your finger or eye primer brush to blend.
  • Apply from lash line to brow bone for full coverage. This ensures that everywhere you apply powder shadow will benefit from crease-­‐free, long-­‐lasting hold.
  • Select the color (Light Tone or Flesh Tone) that most closely matches your skin tone for optimum blendability.
  • blinc Eye Shadow Primer can replace the need for using concealer on you lids since it not only hides imperfections such as veins and capillaries, but also fills in any existing fine lines.
  • Wipe any excess product from the neck or opening of the bottle before closing and seal tightly.
  • To remove, use a mild makeup remover.


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