• Keune Care Confident Curl Leave In Coily 10oz

Keune Care Confident Curl Leave In Coily 10oz

Get stunning coily hair with our ultra-rich leave-in treatment. This product nourishes your coils for unmatched smoothness, definition, and shine. This deeply moisturizing cream works wonders, leaving your hair soft, healthy, and hydrated. Time to flaunt your natural beauty with confidence. 


  • Shea butter is a plant lipid that is known for its ultra-moisturizing, smoothing, and protecting qualities
  • Coconut oil is soothing and moisturizing and protects curls from protein loss
  • The pH-balancing vinegar extract smooths the hair’s cuticles, helps reduce frizz, and makes curls more defined
  • Makes hair feel healthy and more nourished
  • 24-hour anti-frizz from up to 90% humidity
  • Up to 70% more disciplined, long lasting curls

How To Use:

  • Section on wet hair and apply with fingers to ensure reaching every strand
  • Style as usual and let air dry
  • May also be used on dry hair to moisturize ends or detangle


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