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  • Kenra Color No Ammonia Lightener 16oz

Kenra Color No Ammonia Lightener 16oz

Kenra Color No Ammonia Lightener is a fragrance-free, white powder formulated without ammonia. Dust-free lightener powder can remove natural or artificial pigments, both indirect and direct to help eliminate unwanted tones such as ash or red and have a lifting strength of up to 7 levels in a single application. Extremely versatile, each lightener can be applied both on and off the scalp with Kenra Color Permanent Developer 10 – 30 Volumes in different ratios for multiple blonding effects – 10 and 20 Volume on the scalp and 10, 20 and 30 Volume off the scalp. Each mixture’s creamy consistency retains moisture and is drip-free for ease of use.

  • Up to 7 levels of lift
  • Formulated without ammonia
  • Creamy mixture that retains moisture and is drip-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dust-free

How To Use:

  • In a non-metallic bowl, mix Kenra Color Permanent No-Ammonia Lightener Powder and Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Creme Developer (10V-30V for application off scalp and 10V-20V for application on scalp).
  • Using a brush, mix in a ratio of 1:1 up to 1:3 for desired consistency. For gentle lightening, choose a lower strength of developer- the lower its strength, the gentler the process.
  • Apply on dry hair that has not been shampooed. Check the results regularly and do not exceed 60 minutes. Do not use heat.
  • After reaching desired result, rinse well shampoo thoroughly and condition. An appropriate Kenra shampoo and conditioner are recommended.


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