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  • Nook Starlight Blonde Blue Plex Bleaching Powder 500g

Nook Starlight Blonde Blue Plex Bleaching Powder 500g

Starlight Blonde is the new high-performance complete system, which responds to every lightening need with maximum comfort and respect for the scalp and the structure of any type of hair.

Starlight Blonde offers the salon the essential tools to achieve highly creative, flexible and targeted resultsthanks to: 

  • Innovative and cutting-edge formulas.
  • Sweetness and protection in every situation respect for hair and skin.

Starlight Blonde Blue Plex Bleaching Powder gradually lightens up to 9 tones and more, protecting the hair structure. The innovative technology with Plex gives hydration, softness and elasticity to the hair throughout the lightening process, preserving its integrity and natural shine.

Suitable for rapid and extreme bleaching and for all the most modern lightening techniques, for very light, neutral and luminous blondes.


  • Dust-free powder, easy to mix, does not drip or swell.
  • Elastic texture
  • Maximum precision and adhesion of the mixture during application
  • Maximum respect for the hair structure
  • Vegan formula with low ammonia content
  • Medium lighteningup to 5 levels in 30 minutes
  • Intense lighteningup to 9 levels in 45/50 minutes


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