Permanent Colour

  • Igora Fashion Lights L-77 Copper 2oz

Igora Fashion Lights L-77 Copper 2oz

Experience lift and fashion tones - now with integrated Fibre Bond Technology. Lift color and NOW protect in one step with new Fibre Bond Technology formulated directly onto the color cream. No additive needed for the color cream to help shield the hair from damage during the coloration process.

  • On-trend shades: Strong trend for bold fashion colors
  • For multi-tonal fashion services from fashion highlights to mermaid looks

How To Use:

  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • Use 12% IGORA Royal Fashion Lights Oil Developer
  • Apply the selected shade to the full length of the hair (first time highlights)
  • Apply to the re-growth area (highlight refreshment)
  • Apply to the selected area to be lightened (lifting tinted bases)
  • Develop for 30-45 minutes - without heat
  • For off-scalp application only


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