Permanent Colour

  • Wella Magma By Blondor /17 Cool Ash Brown 4.2oz

Wella Magma By Blondor /17 Cool Ash Brown 4.2oz

Wella Magma By Blondor lifts and tones in a single step. For both natural and already coloured hair, these intermixable shades for maximum creativity from soft to intense end results.

Development Time:

  • Red shades: without heat: 30 - 60 minutes, with heat: 20 - 40 minutes
  • Blonde shades: without heat: 20 - 40 minutes, with heat: 15 - 30 minutes

After completion of the development time of, rinse thoroughly and shampoo. To ensure the tone and lastingness of the colour result, use MAGMA Post Treatment.

Application On Already Highlighted Hair:

The colour results of MAGMA /89, MAGMA /39, MAGMA /36 can be too intensive on very light/previously coloured hair. In such cases always colour the dark untreated parts of the hair first and then emulsify the colour through the already lightened hair for the last 5 minutes of the development time. If the above recommendations are not followed the tone can become too intensive. To achieve optimum colour results the use of MAGMA is recommended on hair coloured evenly from roots to ends.


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