Permanent Colour

  • Joico Lumishine Youthlock NNW & NNWC Series Kit

Joico Lumishine Youthlock NNW & NNWC Series Kit

Try Lumishine Youthlock NWC & NW Series kit for glowing nudes and taosty coppers!

Experience 5 Flawless Features to help lock in hair’s youth:

  • Graying Hair: Lock in 100% gray coverage
  • Lifeless Hair: Lock in body, movement, and bounce
  • Coarse Hair: Lock in manageability, noticeable smoothness, and increased softness
  • Dull Hair: Lock in radiance with up to 2X the shine
  • Dry Hair: Lock in hydration and help prevent breakage

100% gray coverage in 7 new sunlit shades.


  • 8x LumiShine YouthLock Permanent Crème 2oz (shades include: 4NNW,  6NNW, 8NNW, 4NNWC, 5NNWC, 6NNWC, 7NNWC, 9NNWC)
  • NNW/NNWC Swatch Insert


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