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  • Voila 3C Intense 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde 2oz

Voila 3C Intense 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde 2oz

Voila 3C Intense Hair Color Systems is permanent color that provides coverage, intensity and is highly cosmetic. Voila hair color is permanent color that guarantees compatibility when mixed with different colors, achieving a near infinite number of shades, allowing for endless possiblities. Voila hair color's shade is intense, brilliant and extremely natural color. Uniform results at the roots, lengths and tips, even when the lengths and tip are one or two shades lighter. Thanks to the emulsion's self-washing action, this hair color is very easy to rinse. Voila recommends a mixing ratio of 1:1.5 which is sufficient even for long and voluminous hair. Color Chart Accurate.


  • Color intensity with brilliant highlights.
  • 100% cover.
  • Attractive and works equally well both on wet and dry hair.
  • Color quality, depth, intensity and highlights: up to twice as long-lasting and effective.
  • Low ammonia concentration in the formula (compared to the average).
  • Mix with Voila Bisabolol Oxidant Cream at a ratio of 1:1.5 (60 mL + 90 mL lightening cream).
  • Exposure time: 30-45 minutes to room temperature.
  • 60 mL tube.


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