• BLONDME Deep Toning Cream Peach Sorbet 2oz

BLONDME Deep Toning Cream Peach Sorbet 2oz

For an indispensable finishing step after every lightening service, BLONDME Deep Toning – with integrated Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology – is the essential toning range for hair bases 5 to 8. Achieving perfect blonde results, it enriches pre-lightened, darker hair bases or naturally-blonde hair, resulting in a sophisticated tone enhancement. All toning shades are intermixable, allowing for endless creativity.

BLONDME Deep Toning is for clients with pre-lightened, darker hair or a natural hair base 5 to 8, who are looking for customised, sophisticated blonde tone enhancement as part of their lightening service or as a refresher service between colour appointments.


  • Integrated Anti-Metal Bond Protection Technology protects the hair bonds during processing for minimised hair breakage
  • No bonding additives or anti-metal treatments needed
  • Intermixable shades for endless creativity
  • Ammonia-free, pH-neutral formula mixture to minimise hair stress

How To Use:

  • Apply to damp hair.
  • If BLONDME Deep Toning is used after bleaching or highlift colouration, end the oxidation process first with BLONDME Mask.
  • Mix BLONDME Deep Toning and BLONDME Premium Developer 2%|7 Vol. in equal parts: 1:1.
  • Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.
  • Apply the mixture immediately after preparation. Use plenty of product to ensure even colour results.
  • Development time: Up to 20 minutes.
  • Allow visual control. Additional heat is NOT recommended.


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