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  • Biotop Professional 007 Keratin Promo

Biotop Professional 007 Keratin Promo

For coarse, frizzy damaged or chemically-treated hair, this smart keratin-infused collection leaves hair strong, healthy and silky smooth. Keratin helps to repair and rebuild the protein structure of damaged hair. By regularly introducing it to hair routines, it will leave hair silky and smooth with less breakage.


  • 2x 007 Keratin Hair Mask 350ml
  • 2x 007 Keratin Shampoo 330ml
  • 2x 007 Keratin Conditioner 330ml
  • 1x 007 Keratin Serum 100ml
  • 1x 007 Keratin Hair Repair Oil 30ml
  • 1x 007 Keratin Hair Mask 860ml


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