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Senscience C.P.R. 2 Step Treatment 0.84oz

Brand: Senscience

For severely dry/damaged hair. C.P.R. is an intensive two-step in salon restorative treatment that repairs the cuticle porosity deficiencies by replenishing vital nutrients that have been depleted from hair. Fortifies, moisturizes and protects hair. Formulated with Keratin, Silk Amino Acids and Bio-Structurer© to penetrate damaged cuticle layers to repair, smooth and seal for lasting protection that preserves moisture and shine.

This two step treatment works two ways: the moisture is being sealed from stage 1 of the treatment. This forms a protective shield on the hair's surface. It will also infiltrate damaged cuticles in order to repair them. This results in a shiny smooth and longer lasting protection for hair. Step 2 is Cuticle repair - Replacing lost or damaged cuticles penetrates damage cuticle layers to repair, smooth and seal for lasting protection. Preserves moisture and shine.

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