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  • Nioxin Scalp Recovery Purifying Exfoliator 1.7oz

Nioxin Scalp Recovery Purifying Exfoliator 1.7oz

Nioxin's Purifying Scalp Exfoliator with NioDerma Technology normalizes a flaky scalp. This hair scrub sets the foundation for the Nioxin Scalp Recovery 3-step system.

  • Biodegradable exfoliation removes scalp flakes, debris & build-up
  • Pre-Shampoo treatment removes impurities before any shampoo
  • Use every 30-45 days
  • Good for dry scalp

How To Use:

  • Apply to a dry scalp in a grid-like pattern, massage the scalp gently for 5 to 6 minutes using the Circle-in-Circle massage technique.
  • Rinse product from scalp and hair with warm water, while gently working the treatment out of the scalp and hair.


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