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  • CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Essentials Kit

CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Essentials Kit

Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo: Ideal for all hair types, with natural cleansers for daily maintenance. Cleanses, nourishes, strengthens, and protects from damage, split ends, and frizz. Aloe-infused for gentle cleansing and moisturizing benefits.

Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Conditioner:  Rebuilds bonds for stronger, healthier keratin complex. Hydrates and nourishes with aloe, enriches with hemp oil. Amino acids connected via hydrogen and ionic bonds.

Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Oil: Lightweight, silicone-free formula. Targets and repairs weakened bonds. Strengthens and protects from the inside out.


  • Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo 12oz
  • Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Conditioner 12oz
  • Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Oil 4oz


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