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Beauty of Giving CHI Infra Dual Texture Hairspray 10oz 5 + 1 J/A
Buy 5 Infra Hairsprays, Get 1 Free! Ionic and cationic hydration interlink technology CHI 44 Ceramic thermal styling helps strengthen and protect the hair from daily use of thermal tools CHI Thermal styling allows you to create multiple textures with outstanding style memory that can be...
Item # RFA-CHI-08-06
Bed Head Full Of It Volume Finishing Spray 11oz
Full Of It Volume Finishing Hairspray helps you to lock in insane volume! Get all the hold and less of the hard with this volume finishing spray! Locks in volume without the rock hard hair feel. Provides firm but flexible hold for larger than life styles. Lockable actuator with optimised...
Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray
Relentless hold and control - dries instantly! The more you use the harder it gets. Strong hold, subtle shine, and conditions as it controls hair. Adjusts hair's pH. Hard core fixatives provide massive hold for long lasting styles Plasticizers help to fix in super strong hold so your style...
Item # RTI-BED-FHHS10 Series
Based on 2 reviews.
Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray 10oz 2pk
Set includes 2 bottles of Hardhead Hairspray 10oz each. An incredible hairspray value!
Item # RTI-BED-XD960
Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Spray
Turn your hair into a work of art. This must-have finishing hairspray gives insane gloss and hold to any hairstyles! Provide gloss and shine to all finished styles and textures Adds hold to any style HOLD: Firm FINISH: Shine How to Use: Hold can 8-10 inches from hair and spray over...
Item # RTI-BED-FMP10 Series
Based on 1 reviews.
Bed Head Masterpiece Shine Spray 10oz 2pk
Massive shine hairspray gives serious hold, adds body and resists humidity while guarding against dryness. Holds any style. Good for any hair length and texture. How to Use: As a working hairspray hold 10-12 inches from dry hair and spray evenly, layering as needed. If using with heat tools,...
Item # RTI-BED-XD455
Bed Head Maxxed-Out Massive Hold Spray 8oz
This fast-drying, non-aerosol hairspray provides massive hold for any style while helping to enhance natural shine. Fixative complex provides massive hold for any style Shine enhancers help to boost hair brilliance so hair is naturally shiny HOLD: Firm TEXTURE: Maximum FINISH: Natural...
Item # RTI-BED-FMO08
Biosilk Finish Spray Spritz 7oz
Biosilk Silk Therapy Spray Spritz is a fast drying, firm hold, non aerosol hair spray designed for creative finishing. Non-Sticky formula. Enriched with Vitamin E for added shine and condition.
Item # RFA-BIO-FSS07
Biosilk Finishing Spray Firm
BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Firm Hold is a uniquely designed hairspray developed to provide strong hold for long lasting styles while using silk botanicals to provide brilliant shine. Designed to provide strong hold for long lasting styles while using silk botanicals to provide...
Item # RFA-BIO-FFSF10 Series
Biosilk Finishing Spray Natural
BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray Natural Hold is a uniquely designed hairspray developed to maintain your favorite looks with pliable hold while using silk botanicals to provide brilliant shine. Uniquely designed hairspray developed to maintain your favorite looks with pliable hold...
Item # RFA-BIO-FFSN10 Series
Biosilk Rock Hard Styling Spray 10oz
Biosilk Rock Hard offers a line of styling products that provide exceptional control, shine, workability and style memory for edgy styles and extreme textures. Silk provides hair with strength, moisture, protection and incredible shine for intense styling without product buildup or damage to the...
Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Hairspray Strong 12oz
Pump up your style with Hair Volume Complex and rice proteins to give extra volume and strength, while silk proteins add shine to complete your look. This strong hold hairspray will keep your style lifted with body all day long. UV absorbers protect hair from harmful UV rays. This strong hold...
CHI 44 Style & Stay Firm Protecting Spray
Offers both firm styling hold and thermal protection. Perfect for blow outs and creating styles with long lasting hold. Thermal protection Dual purpose – protects and holds Gives hair a vibrant appearance
Item # RFA-CHI-FTPF10 Series
CHI Deep Brilliance Shine Sheen Spray + Serum Duo
Shine Sheen Spray 5.3oz replenishes oils, giving hair a natural shine while Shine Serum 6oz provides smoothness and manageability.
Item # RFA-DEE-XD115
CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray Firm Hold
CHI Enviro Flex Firm Hold Hair Spray provides you with a styling tool with flexible hold so you can layer and build your style. Finishes hard to hold styles by locking in total control without added weight Fast drying hair spray Versatile so you can create a multitude of styles and...
Item # RFA-CHI-FEFF10 Series
CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray Natural Hold
CHI Enviro 54 Flex Hold Hair Spray Natural Hold is fast drying hairspray, that features an innovative new technology that offers true versatility. Fast drying hair spray Provides incredible shine Spray, scrunch, mold and hold to create multitudes of styles without added weight Ideal for...
Item # RFA-CHI-FEFN10 Series
CHI Helmet Head Extra Firm Aerosol Spray
CHI Helmet Head Hair Spray Firm Hair Spray is a styling spray that creates voluminous, full-bodied looks that last from day to night. Extra firm hold protects your style from wind and humidity, and provides long-lasting hold while adding body and shine. Lock in your style with...
Item # RFA-CHI-FHHF10 Series
CHI Helmet Head Spritz 10oz
CHI Helmet Head Firm Hold Hair Spritz is an extra firm, fast drying hair spray for creating voluminous, full-bodied looks that last from day to night. The ultimate tool to lock in your style and give you control against wind, moisture and humidity while adding shine. Extra firm fast...
CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray
CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray is a fast-drying hairspray giving lift, movement, texture, and control with no build up or flakes. Great as a working or finishing spray. Thermal protection against moisture and humidity Incredibly lightweight, providing a silky shine Suitable for all hair...
Item # RFA-CHI-FIT10 Series
CHI Keratin Flex Finish Hair Spray 10oz
Flexible styling hairspray with lightweight control to provide an ultra -smooth hold that seals out humidity and eliminates frizz and flyaways from any style, creating a sleek, smooth finish that lasts all day. Infused with keratin to strengthen hair and reduce breakage Flexible...




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