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Bed Head Hair Stick 2.7oz
Soft, pliable wax stick that creates texture and hold. Semi-matte finish. Leaves no build-up. How to Use: Apply to dry hair. For short hair (2-3 inches in length), apply in a circular motion over entire head. Shape to achieve a spiked look. For medium to long hair, flick through layers or ends...
Item # RTI-BED-LBH03
Bed Head Joyride Texturizing Powder Balm 2oz
Description: The ultimate ‘bed head’ look, this thick balm breaks to a dry powder feel for control, de-frizzing and adding live-in texture for easier styling. When used wet, it is an effective detangler & cutting lotion, gives a lived in, frizz controlled style before applying...
Item # RTI-BED-LJ02
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Bed Head Manipulator
Pliable fiber-forming cream that separates, twists, spikes for funky hair. Gives body and tames fly-aways for a more natural look. Good for any hair length and texture. How to Use: Work this fiber-forming cream through clean, damp or dry hair. The more you use, the more texture you get! On damp...
Item # RTI-BED-LM02 Series
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Bed Head Manipulator 2oz + Manipulator Matte 1oz 2pk
Includes Manipulator and Manipulator Matte 2oz at a special price.
Item # RTI-BED-XD530
Bed Head Manipulator 2oz 2pk
A funky gunk that rocks! Be a master manipulator. Get whacked-out hair – spike, twist dreads or go punky. More mainstream? Get body and texture. Thickens Matte finish Long lasting, flexible hold How to Use: Work this fiber-forming cream through clean, damp or dry hair. The more...
Item # RTI-BED-XD795
Bed Head Manipulator Matte 2oz
A funky gunk that rocks! Get wacked out hair with TIGI Bed Head Manipulator! Spike, twist dreads or go punky! More mainstream? Then go for body and texture. Manipulator does it all.This TIGI Bed Head Manipulator is a fibre forming creme that allows you to be a master manipulator to create spikes...
Item # RTI-BED-LMM02
Bed Head Up Front Rocking Gel Pomade 4oz
Designed to create sleek and shiny ponytails, sculpted coiffs, as well as any styles that require great shine and hold, without the stickiness!How to Use: Apply this aqueous pomade to damp or dry hair to get sheen, separation and hold - without the sticky business!
Item # RTI-BED-LUF04
Bedhead For Men Texture + Matte Separtion 2pk
Includes Pure Texture 3oz and Matte Separation 3oz at a special price. Makes a great gift for him!
Item # RTI-BFM-XD110
Chi Deep Brilliance Smooth Edge Pomade 1.9oz
CHI Deep Brilliance Smooth Edge High Shine & Firm Hold is a non-sticky, non-greasy formula which provides an exceptional shine and a slick, flexible hold.
Chi Finishing Pomade 2.4oz
This versatile styling paste offers moisturizers for sculpting and molding hair into various looks.
Item # RFA-CHI-LFP02
Chi Matte Wax 2.6oz
Super hold finisher to provide hair with a three dimensional matte dry look, hair is left without any shine and is never stiff or greasy. Strong style holding power for perfectly shaped curls, dynamic spikes, or dramatic styles.
Item # RFA-CHI-LMW03
Chi Reworkable Taffy 2.4oz
This versatile styling paste has moisturizers for sculpting and molding hair into various looks.
Item # RFA-CHI-LRT02
Chi Spray Wax 7oz
Create textured hair that has a touchable feel with this spray wax!
Item # RFA-CHI-FSW07
Chi Twisted Fabric 2oz
Sculpt, mold or sleek hair into a multitude of shapes and textures without any oily residue. Provides a brilliant finish and contains conditioning emollients and vitamins to moisturize as you style.
Item # RFA-CHI-LTF02
Color Proof Crafting Pomade 2oz
Mold and move hair with ultra dry, glossy shine, humidity resistance and maximum color and heat protection!
Item # RCO-COL-LCP02
Esquire The Pomade 3oz
Esquire Grooming is a water based formulation along with unique blend of ingredients, that promotes healthy hair resulting in strong, thicker hair while offering style regeneration and unconstructive grooming. Oud-wood fragrance – which is a game changer fragrance that speaks high-end,...
Item # RFA-ESQ-LTP03
Go 24/7 Cream Wax 2oz
Versatile, molding, cream wax. Real men rub a small amount of Cream Wax between their palms and work through hair, damp or dry.
Item # RUN-GO2-LCW02
Keune Blend Fiber Wax 2.5oz
Body, volume, texture, structure – all while maintaining an elastic and flexible hold. Structure-strengthening fibers make it all happen, without adding weight
Keune Blend Wax 2.5oz
Make the most of short and medium-length hair. This smooth, clear wax gives you perfect definition without grease. Simply rinse it off with water at the end of the day. Wax on, wax off.
Keune Design Forming Wax
What it does: For a flexible hairstyle on short to medium length hair. Keune Forming Wax adds body, texture and natural shine to your hair. Excellent for creating spiky effects and to style and restyle. Hold factor: 5Shine factor: 7 Why it works: Contains natural Beeswax which allows easy...
Item # RKU-KDE-LFW01 Series




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