• BLONDME Instant Blush Spray 8.5oz

BLONDME Instant Blush Spray 8.5oz

Pastel temporary color sprays for instant blonde beautifying and neutralization.

  • Suitable for: pre-lightened bases and natural base 9 or lighter
  • Pastel shades for soft translucent color re ections
  • Convenient, temporary leave-in or rinse out spray toners
  • Direct pigment formulation for temporary color lasting up to 3 shampoos
  • Ideal for quick simple partial temporary pastel toning techniques
  • Balances pH and helps to close the cuticle


  • Steel Blue: Cool anti-orange neutralization or a steel blue tone
  • Ice: Crystal clear anti-yellow neutralization or a delicate cendre tone direction
  • Strawberry: Soft rose blush
  • Jade: Touch of aquatic green

Pastel Tone Application (LEAVE-IN):

  • Pre-lighten the hair to pale yellow minimum level 9
  • Rinse, shampoo, condition and towel dry the hair
  • Spray the selected BLONDME Instant Blush shade evenly over the pre-lightened hair at the back wash
  • Blot any excess color from the hair with a paper towel
  • Blow-dry the hair to seal the color and leave the hair feeling soft and smooth

Yellow Neutralization Application (RINSE-OUT):

  • Use BLONDME Instant Blush Ice or Steel Blue for additional neutralization after lightening
  • Spray evenly through lightened damp hair at neutralization
  • Develop visually for 3-5 minutes and then rinse out
  • Apply BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Conditioner if more care is required



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