• Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment Fine 17oz

Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment Fine 17oz

Fibre Clinix is Schwarzkopf's salon exclusive, fully modular hair care regime harnessing cutting-edge science with customization from salon to home care. The Fibre Clinix experience starts in salon with a professional consultation and continues at home with a prescribed home care regime according to your client's individual hair needs to maintain and prolong results until the next salon visit. Combining Schwarzkopf Professional's most advanced and powerful repair technology in a fully customized treatment:

  • Up to 10x stronger hair
  • Complete sealing of hair porosity
  • Restores inner & outer hair structure for up to 60 days

High Performance Customization: Transform the hair fibre back to its virgin condition with Triple Bonding & C21 Technology.

  • Triple Bonding Technology: The advanced bonding technology strengthens the hair structure from within. Featuring a tri-valent ion, it builds new bonds through the creation of a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fibre, leading to hair that is up to 10x stronger.
  • C21 Technology: A highly effective, conditioning agent that works to protect and seal the hair’s surface, restoring all C21-Lipid chains present in the cuticle.

With Triple Bonding and C21 Technology. Reconnects the inner hair structure for improved resilience and strength. Seals the outer hair structure for better manageability and shine.


  • Replenishes damaged hair structures
  • Builds three-dimensional bonds within the hair structure
  • Hair is up to 10x stronger when used in combination with the Tribond Shampoo


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