• Keune 100 Anniversary 2-Phase Spray 10oz

Keune 100 Anniversary 2-Phase Spray 10oz

Get 100ml Free For Keune's 100th Anniversary! To celebrate Keune’s 100th anniversary, Keune are adding 100 ml to some of their favorite products. That’s 50% more, free for the same everyday price!

Bonus: if you purchase one of each product, you’ll also receive a bundle of 24 100-year gift bags, FREE!

Keune Smooth 2-Phase Spray is an instant conditioning and detangling spray is enriched with keratin and silsoft, that work to regulate the moisture balance while strengthening and smoothing the hair.

Product options include:

  • Keratin Smooth 2-Phase Spray
  • Style Ultra Gel
  • Style Strong Mousse


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