• CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo

CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo

This color-safe formula, with naturally derived cleansing agents, can be used for everyday maintenance for all hair types. It cleanses, nourishes, strengthens, and protects against damage, split ends and frizz. Aloe helps moisturize the hair as it gently cleanses while the hemp oil provides softness with Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9. The hair becomes shinier and healthier with each use.


  • Ideal for all hair types, with natural cleansers for daily maintenance.
  • Cleanses, nourishes, strengthens, and protects from damage, split ends, and frizz.
  • Aloe-infused for gentle cleansing and moisturizing benefits.
  • Hemp oil enriched with Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 for softness.
  • Achieve shine and healthier hair with each use.
  •  Formulated Without Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, or Silicones.

Key Ingredients:

  • White Truffle: This highly sought-after ingredient is a rich source of Vitamin B, amino acids, and proteins. Its unique and lightweight conditioning agents replenish moisture and manageability to dry, damaged strands. It helps reduce and seal split ends while protecting hair against brittleness and breakage.
  • Pearl: It naturally protects hair from UV damage helping to prevent color fading. It offers a combination of amino acids, moisturizers, and Vitamin B to help to lock in moisture leaving hair smooth and frizz-free.
  • Aloe Vera: Popularly known as nature’s natural moisturizing agent, contains a vast amount of essential nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. Offers excellent conditioning properties and protection to hair while moisturizing dry skin/scalp.

How To Use:

  • Apply after shampooing.
  • Leave for 1-3 minutes.
  • Rinse and style as usual.


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