• ghd Dramatic Ending Smooth & Finish Serum 1oz

ghd Dramatic Ending Smooth & Finish Serum 1oz

Finish your heat styling routine with ghd Dramatic Ending - smooth & finish serum for healthy-looking, professional end results.

This lightweight serum instantly smooths and adds an extra boost of shine to give a defined, silky finish after styling. ghd Dramatic Ending works to maximize sleek styles by helping to eliminate frizz and quickly delivering healthier-looking hair.

Designed to maximize the results of heated styling tools, ghd Dramatic Ending gives a sleek finish for a flawless finished style without weighing the hair down. Achieve a salon worthy finished feel with ghd dramatic ending - smooth & finish serum.

Features: GHDHeat

  • Instantly Smooths: Finish your style with ghd dramatic ending for a smooth professional finish, 9/10 agree.
  • Sleek Finish: Hair looks healthy and with a sleek finish, 8/10 agree.
  • Enhanced Shine: Adds an extra boost of shine, 7/10 agree.
  • Lightweight Serum: Gives a no-product feel and doesn't weigh hair down.

How To Use:

  • Dispense one pump or slightly more if your hair is thick or coarse into your palms.
  • Massage between your palms then work through the mid-lengths to ends of your finished style, avoiding the root area.
  • For an extra-smooth look, work some serum through mid-lengths and ends while your hair is damp, then blow-dry and style.
  • If you're using this serum with other styling products on damp hair, use the serum last.


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