• CHI Royal Treatment Styling & Finishing Styling Kit

CHI Royal Treatment Styling & Finishing Styling Kit

High-end haircare system designed to provide the final touches to your client’s hair to cover all your styling needs. Styling and finishing products to express your creativity and style. Whether your style is avant-garde or classic and sleek, this line offers versatility and range across different hair types and textures.

Pearl Complex is a superior, lightweight, leave-in treatment formulated with a luxurious and exquisite blend of ingredients. Developed for all hair types, it replenishes, strengthens, and nourishes hair while helping to repair split ends without added buildup or weight.

Rapid Shine Spray is a lightweight shine spray with a luxurious fine mist. White Truffle and Pearl adds instant brilliant shine and gloss to dull hair. Use as a finishing touch to styles, helping to add depth and dimension to color while eliminating frizz.

Ultimate Control Hair Spray is a versatile spray with white truffle and pearl provides a dual function for your styling and finishing needs. Ideal for blow dry styling, shaping and scrunching as a working spray. 


  • Royal Treatment Pearl Complex 6oz
  • Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Spray 5.3oz
  • Royal Treatment Ultimate Control Hair Spray 10oz 


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