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Thinning & Hair Loss

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Thinning & Hair Loss

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Chi 44 Ionic Power Normal To Fine Kit
CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus is designed to promote healthier and fuller hair with natural ingredients. The simple 3-step system is developed for normal to fine hair. Try CHI 44 Ionic Power Plus wet system and be amazed at how thick and luxurious your hair will feel.
Item # RFA-POW-XD105
Eprouvage Fortifying Stylist Try Me Kit
For Smoothing and Sealing Color Treated Hair. Smoothes and nourishes the cuticle that has been lifted during the color process. Helps retain vibrant color after multiple uses. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell Technology.Kit Contains: Fortifying Shampoo 8.45oz Fortifying...
Item # REP-EPR-XD105
Eprouvage Gentle Volume At Home System Kit
For Healthy-Looking Fullness. Color-safe, gentle daily shampoo and conditioner that adds soft volume and fullness to limp hair. Nurture stressed hair and replenish tired strands. Hair gains substance and strength to look more vibrant and full. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell...
Item # REP-EPR-XD110
Eprouvage Gentle Volume Stylist Try Me Kit
For Healthy-Looking Fullness. Color-safe, gentle daily shampoo and conditioner that adds soft volume and fullness to limp hair. Nurture stressed hair and replenish tired strands. Hair gains substance and strength to look more vibrant and full. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell...
Item # REP-EPR-XD100
Eprouvage Men's System Kit
Gentle cleansing & thickening. Gently remove everyday impurities and build up. Cleanse and leave hair restored and refreshed. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell Technology for healthier looking hair and scalp. An ongoing promotional offering with the new Daily Shampoo &...
Item # REP-EPR-XD130
Eprouvage Replenishing Leave In Conditioner 8oz
For Equalizing and Balancing. Daily conditioning spray targets weakened areas of the hair shaft making it stronger and smoother and evens out the porosity of the hair. Potent anti-oxidants neutralize environmental elements working against the health of your hair and scalp. Formulated with...
Eprouvage Reviving Scalp Serum 2oz
With Progressive Plant Cells for thicker, fuller hair. A potent scalp treatment formulated with the award-winning ingredient, Redensyl® and our Progressive Plant Cells: rejuvenating Egyptian Blue Lily Stem Cells, highly concentrated French Oak extracts and various highly-effective...
Eprouvage Salon Intro Display 32pk
The perfect retailing opportunity to sample the éprouvage portfolio. Buy 4 of each product for a special price and receive complimentary display. Includes:• 4 Fortifying Shampoo 8.45 fl. oz.• 4 Fortifying Conditioner 8.45 fl. oz.• 4 Gentle Volume Shampoo 8.45 fl. oz.•...
Eprouvage Thickening And Plumping Spray 8oz
For Boosting Substance and Strength. Instantly fill in weakened areas of the cuticle with keratins and amino acids for hair that feels fuller and more manageable. Formulated with our Progressive Plant Cell Technology. How to Use: After applying Restorative Scalp Serum, spray throughout...
Keune Man Fortify Lotion 3oz
Scalp stimulating lotion that cures premature hair loss with regular use. Stimulates the growth of healthy hair from root to end.
Item # RKU-KMA-LFL03
Keune So Pure Energizing Lotion 1.5oz
Energizing lotion for thinning hair. Massage into scalp. Paraben-free. Ginger-Lemon-Argan Oil.
Item # RKU-KSO-LEL02
Keune So Pure Energizing Shampoo
Keune So Pure Natural Balance Energizing Shampoo for Fine and Thin Hair - Energizing Shampoo has Red Ginseng and Ginger to stimulate the scalp. Biotin strengthens the hair. Hair appears fuller, feels thicker and has more volume. Ginger, Lemon, Argan Oil. Sulfate and Paraben-Free.
Item # RKU-KSO-CENS33 Series
Lanza Healing Nourish Starter Kit 3pk
Includes: Healing Nourish Stimulating Shampoo 5oz Healing Nourish Stimulating Conditioner 5oz Healing Nourish Stimulating Treatment 2oz
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD101
Lanza Healing Nourish Stimulating Conditioner
Removes follicle-clogging sebum, residues and DHT. Excessive hair loss is caused by hectic, modern lifestyles, stresses, medications and personal circumstances. L'ANZA's anti-thinning hair care range with the Anagen-7 System helps to extend the hair's growth phase. A simple, 3-step formula...
Item # RLZ-LAH-CNSC09 Series
Lanza Healing Volume Thickening Conditioner
Weight-free formula provides noticeable volume and fullness while adding shine. Silica from Organic Bamboo boosts thickness and rigidity of the hair fibre. Keratin Healing System and Organic Bamboo Extract adds body and bounce to fine hair; locks-in hair colour. Increases hair density by...
Item # RLZ-LAH-CVTC08 Series
Lanza Remedy Scalp Balancing Treatment 3oz
Great for all hair types, instantly soothes and rehydrates hair, skin and scalp. Versatile leave-in formula calms, comforts and conditions, allowing hair to look and feel its best. Coconut Water soothes and hydrates the scalp. Lavender Oil has been known to help oxygenate and regenerate...
Segals Advanced Dandruff Starter Kit 4oz
Dandruff is an exceptionally common scalp condition characterized by flaking and scaling. Intermittent episodes of fine, dry, white flaking and mild itching are the hallmark of dandruff. Contrary to popular belief, regular washing of the scalp and hair actually results in improvement of the...
Item # RSS-INT-XD105
Segals Advanced Hair Supplement 60pk
Complete and unique blend of herbal extracts to help strengthen the hair from within. Each 500mg capsule of perfectly balanced ratio of the best known herbal extracts. 60 capsules.
Item # RSS-INT-SHS60
Segals Advanced Scalp Formula 8oz
A balanced compound of exotic botanical herbs and active ingredients. When massaged into the scalp, it helps nourish and activate the scalp and hair to create the ideal environment essential for thicker, fuller and stronger-looking hair growth.
Segals Advanced Thinning Hair Starter Kit 4oz
This set includes 4oz Shampoo and Conditioner for thinning hair. Segals Hair Loss Treatment is the latest treatment, a new & different approach to controlling thinning hair or hair loss. It is naturally based on herbal technology. It is a combination of an African Plant Life as well at the...
Item # RSS-INT-XD100




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