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  • BC Bonacure Color Freeze Holiday 3pk

BC Bonacure Color Freeze Holiday 3pk

BC Color Freeze Rich Shampoo works to gently cleanses over-processed and dull color treated hair. Formulated with high-quality ingredients, including apricot oil and keratins, this color fading shampoo helps to strengthen and smooth color treated hair so that hair appears as vibrant as Day 1.

BC Color Freeze Conditioner is the perfect conditioner for long-lasting color vibrancy. This color enhancing conditioner is formulated with pH 4.5 Balancer technology that instantly tightens the inner hair structure to freeze color pigments into the hair.

BC Color Freeze Treatment is an intense and creamy restoring hair treatment for color treated hair. Formulated with targeted ingredients, including hydrolysed keratins and pH 4.5 Balancer technology, this rich hair treatment works to tighten and strengthen the hair structure while locking color pigments into the deepest layers of the hair. 


  • Color Freeze Shampoo 8.5oz
  • Color Freeze Conditioner 6.7oz
  • Color Freeze Treatment 6.7oz


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