• Booster Lanolin Hair Cream 15.2oz

Booster Lanolin Hair Cream 15.2oz

With the use of this superb styling cream, you may find that you'll want to dispense with conditioner. Booster Lanolin Hair Cream is a light preparation that not only facilitates easy grooming, it gives a moisture boost to your hair, makes your scalp feel great, and imparts a shiny, lustrous look that never appears oily or greasy.

While originally designed for men, women are definitely numbered among this compound's satisfied users, and it works on any length or degree of curl. In fact, it's perfect for the entire family, so guys, be generous with it...maybe even buy a little extra so everyone can enjoy the benefits of natural lanolin in another terrific product from Booster, manufacturer of fine personal grooming supplies.

As an added bonus, this preparation has bacteriostatic properties and is hypoallergenic, so it's fine for even the most sensitive scalp. No more dryness, no itching, no more problems! Just easily managed, stylable locks with each and every use. You won't find a better product in this category anywhere on the market at any price. You can use it every day, so you'll always look your best.


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