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Andis Pivot Motor Clipper / Trimmer Combo
Four times the power of comparable magnetic motor trimmers and clippers Professional pivot motor clipper with adjustable blade Clipper has a high-quality, stainless-steel blade that adjusts from size #000 (1/50") to size #1 (3/32") with touch lever Powerful pivot motor for trimming and...
Item # SEC-AND-24075
JRL 1040 Clipper + 1050 Trimmer Deal J/A
JRL Fresh Fade 1040 Clipper: Professional hair clipper with 45mm titanium blades, strong and wear resistant, for a smooth and precise cutting. It has an advanced cooling system "Forced Air Cooling System" which keeps the blade cold. It does not hook the hair, obtaining an uniform cut. Its...
Item # SEC-JRL-08-01
Wahl 5 Star Barber Combo Legend & Hero 2pk
5 Star Legend clipper with powerful V9000 motor. Features “crunch” blade technology for a smooth, clean cut. Bottom blade features longer teeth, combined with the enhanced taper lever making a longer throw for more efficient cutting. Cuts wet or dry. The...
Item # SEC-WAH-6272
Wahl Beretto + Beret Clipper Trimmer Duo 2pk J/A
Wahl Beretto: 90 minutes of run time with 180 minutes of charge time. 10 minute quick charge for 5 minutes of run time. Lithium Ion no memory battery. Powerful rotary AC motor runs at 5,500 RPMs. Super-slim, quiet and lightweight. Brushed chrome finish. High quality professional carbon...
Item # SEC-WAH-08-02
Wahl Bravura + Brav Mini+ Clipper Trimmer Duo - Purple J/A
Wahl Bravura Clipper Features: Powered by a Lithium Ion Battery, this cord/cordless clippers offers a 90 minute run time with 1 hour charge time Powerful and quiet rotary motor runs at 5,000 RPM's with constant speed control and low vibration, regardless of the battery charge level. Includes a...
Item # SEC-WAH-08-01
Wahl Industrial Senior Clipper + Hero Trimmer Duo 2pk J/A
The Wahl Senior Professional Clipper offers the new Wahl Shunt Motor for more power and cooler operation. Clips even the thickest hair without getting bogged down. The ergonomic lightweight design allows for hours of use without causing hand fatigue. A thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture...
Item # SEC-WAH-08-03




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