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  • OPI Pro Spa Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm 4oz

OPI Pro Spa Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm 4oz

Skin Care for Hands & Feet - inspired by facial skincare. perfected for clients’  hands and feet.


  • Cupuacu Butter - has 9 essential fatty acids for unparalleled moisture, 9 antioxidants that protect skin, and B3 with anti-aging properties
  • White Tea - protects skin from free radical damage, 2x as effective as green tea prevents environmental damage, prevents breakdown of collagen and elastin

Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm helps relieve severe dryness. Lactic acid exfoliates, smoothing rough skin. Chamomile helps soothe itchy skin. Ideal for in-salon treatments or overnight intensive therapy.


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