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Nail Brushes


Nail Brushes

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Denco Heavy Duty Nail Brush
Extra stiff durable bristles quickly clean, while being gentle. Solid chunky handle is easy to hold.
Item # ANA-DEN-2735
Ez Art Nail Artist's Brush Collection 15pc
A complete collection of 15 professional nail art brushes. Long stripers, short stripers, detail brushes, angled brushes, fan brushes and more!
Fromm Gel Nail Brush Set 4pk D90001
4-piece gel nail brush set; flat brush, round brush,oval brush and detailing brush.
Item # ANA-FRO-D90001
Fromm Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush D90100
Kolinsky acrylic nail brush; sable hair.
Item # ANA-FRO-D90100
Fromm Nail Art Brush Set 6pk D90002
6-piece nail art brush set; fan brush, dotting brush, detail brush, angled detail brush and short striping brush.
Item # ANA-FRO-D90002
Fromm Round Acrylic Nail Brush D90110
Round acrylic nail brush; sable hair.
Item # ANA-FRO-D90110
Nail Scrub Brush  Or Dannyco 791 Scrub B
Item # ANA-STA-A516
Opi Artist Series 2-piece Acrylic Oval Brush
A two-piece metal brush with cover that is perfect for travel and reduces to a compact 4.5 inches. A spring mechanism inside the cab maintains the proper fit use after use. Firm, high-quality Kolinski bristles provide maximum resilience, suppleness and flexibility.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR941
Opi Artist Series Acrylic Oval Brush
Features a lightweight wood handle with a comfortable grip for effortless brush control. Firm, high-quality Kolinski bristles provide maximum resilience, suppleness and flexibility.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR940
OPI Artist Series Gel Brush #6 Flat
Ideal for moving larger quantities of gel and for fast nail coverage. 6.33” in length with white synthetic bristles.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR943
Opi Artist Series Red Sable #2 Kolinski Mini Gel Brush
Features a slim handle for precise and comfortable gel applications. The small brush head is ideal for laying color gel thinly and is recommended for use with AXXIUM Soak-Off Gel Lacquers. High-quality Kolinski sable bristles resist staining, and a small, flat brush head provides exacting...
Item # AOP-OGC-BR945
Opi Artists Series Gel Brush #6 Synthetic Oval Gel Brush
Tapers to a sharp point, perfect for details and clean crisp lines. 6.33” in length with white synthetic bristles.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR942
Opi Brush Cleaner
For Natural Kolinski and Sable Brushes. Non-yellowing formula safely cleans natural sable brushes – even between acrylic sets! Conditions bristles. Contains naturally antiseptic tea tree oil.
Item # AOP-OPI-AL206 Series
Opi Golden Edge Kolinski #6 Brush
Classic flat shape ideally suited for using a more powerful “patting” technique.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR927
Opi Golden Oval #6 Kolinski Brush
The unique, pointed, flat oval shape contours easily to the curvature of the cuticle for easy and precise acrylic applications.
Item # AOP-OGC-BR923




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