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Holiday 2019 For Her

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Avanti Holiday 2019 Decadance Pocket Mirror With Brush
Rose-shaped compact mirror/brush combo with firm nylon bristles / ball tips.
Item # SBR-DAN-XD115
CHI Infra Trio Shampoo Treatment Infusion 3pk
This offer includes: CHI Infra Shampoo 12oz CHI Infra Treatment 12oz CHI Silk Infusion 2oz Free Travel Bag
Item # RFA-CHI-XD140
CHI Limited Edition Berry Pretty 1" G2 Iron With Clutch
The dynamic CHI G2 offers a sleek design, upgraded technology and outstanding performance. The G2 features titanium- infused ceramic plates for added durability and an even smoother glide. Digital temperature reading displayed on a color-coded LCD screen allows for proper temperature setting for...
Item # RFA-CHI-TXD250
Joico Blonde Life 3pk
We love blondes. We’re fanatical about them. And we go especially gaga over those who proudly and unabashedly choose to lighten up. For that very reason, we’ve created Blonde Life, a luminous line of care and lightening products created specifically for hair that’s been...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD285
Joico Holiday 2019 Beach Shake Pack
Includes retail size Beach Shake Texturizing Finisher and holiday hair clips. Get that natural coastal look you’ve come to love! Beach Shake texturizing finisher creates sumptuous separation, moisture and a satin finish with no drying salt or sticky sugars. This unique hybrid combines...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD145
Joico Holiday 2019 Blonde Life Brightening Trio 3pk
This Holiday pack includes the following full-size Joico Blonde Life Brigthening products in a travel bag: Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, 300 ml Blonde Life Brightening Conditioner, 250 ml Blonde Life Brightening Masque, 150 ml
Item # RJO-JOI-XD170
Joico Holiday 2019 Body Shake Pack
Includes Body Shake Texturizing Finisher 6.9oz and decorative hair pins. Build volume, thickness and plush density with Joico Body Shake dry-texturizing finisher. Their third hybrid combines invisible aluminum starch with crystal clear hold resins and dry conditioners that build lush locks with...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD150
Joico Holiday 2019 Color Balance Blue 10oz 2pk
Joico's Color Balance Blue color-balancing shampoo gently cleanses while neutralizing brassy/orange tones to maintain lightened or highlighted brown hair. Joico's Color Balance Blue color-balancing conditioner nourishes and protects while neutralizing...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD290
Joico Holiday 2019 Color Balance Purple 10oz 2pk
Joico’s Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™, along with tone-correcting pigments make these shampoos and conditioners perfectly formulated to not only protect your haircolor but make sure it’s the beautiful color you want to keep – like you just stepped out of the salon! With...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD295
Joico Holiday 2019 Color Endure 10oz 2pk
Just one level of fade protection? Discover full coverage color insurance. Sulfate-free Color Endure keeps color true to hue with our triple-threat Multi-spectrum Defense Complex,TM a mega complex of fade-defying Green Tea, antioxidants and UV protectors that fight both the physical and...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD160
Joico Holiday 2019 Hair Shake Pack
Includes retail size Hair Shake volumizing texturizer and bonus Embelished hair pins! Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-JOI-XD210
Joico Holiday 2019 Joifull Shamp Cond 2pk 10oz
Includes retail size Shampoo and conditioner. Provides unbelievably natural feeling hair that is full of body and volume.
Item # RJO-JOI-XD125
Joico Holiday 2019 Treatment Foils Display 40pc
Receive a FREE merchandising tray with the purchase of this Joico Treatment Foils pack and save 20% on the purchase of JOICO 30 ml Treatment Foils. Includes: 10 - K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock packette 30ml 10 -  K-PAK Intense Hydrator packette 30ml 10 -  Blonde Life...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD124
Joico K-PAK Holiday 2019 Color Therapy Trio
Includes retail size Color Therapy Shampoo 10oz and Conditioner 10oz and Defy Damage Masque 1.7oz.  Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-KPA-XD135
Joico K-PAK Holiday 2019 Regular 3pk
This pack includes: K-PAK Shampoo 10.1oz K-PAK Deep Reconstructor 5.1oz K-PAK Intense Hydrator 8ozMakes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-KPA-XD137
Lanza Color Care Travel 3pk
Includes: Healing ColorCare Shampoo 1.7oz Healing ColorCare Conditioner 1.7oz Healing ColorCare Trauma Treatment 5oz Free Cosmetic BagMakes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD195
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Blonde Retail 3pk
Includes retail size Healing Blonde Bright Blonde Shampoo, Conditioner and Blonde Rescue Treatment.
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD200
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Color Care Retail 3pk
Includes Color Care Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Trauma Treatment 5oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD150
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Moisture Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Moisture Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Noni Fruit Leave-In Conditioner 8.5oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD155
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Remedy 3pk
Includes Healing Remedy Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Treatment 3.4oz Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD180
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Smooth Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Smooth Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Treatment 3.4oz in a holiday gift box. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD170
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Strength Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Strength Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz, and Neem Plant Silk Serum 3.4oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD160
Lanza Holiday 2019 Healing Trauma Treament Minis 12pk
The perfect holiday gift for colour clients! Includes 12 Mini Travel Sized Trauma Treatment 1.7oz Ideal for All Hair Types, this ultra deep conditioning treatment heals the hair. It contains abundant amounts of the essential amino acids for proper color attachment within the hair: Ceramide-2...
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD220
Lanza Holiday 2019 Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment Minis 12pk
Make your clients' holidays sparkle with a mini Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment Mini! Includes 12 minis in this pack, the perfect client gift! Ideal for all hair types, this oil builds body and strength with super-concentrated healing actives. Adds moisture for dry hair. Keratin protein...
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD225
Moroccanoil Holiday 2019 Unlock The Vault Advent Calendar 7pk
This holiday pack includes the following travel-size products in an Advent Calendar: Originale Hand Cream 20ml Originale Body Souffle 20ml Dry Body Oil 5ml Moroccanoil Treatment 10ml Protect & Prevent 20ml Dry Texture Spray 26ml Perfect Defense 30ml
Item # RMO-MOR-XD249
Quantum Holiday 2019 Fix Gel 2pk 16.9oz + 6.8oz
Description: Quantum Fix Gel for styles demanding strong definition and sharp texture. It replenishes moisture and conditions hair as it styles, leaving it stronger and shinier without flaking, build-up or oily residue. Buy Quantum Fix Gel 16.9oz  Get additional 200ml FREE! Makes a great...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD140
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Quantum Holiday 2019 Preserva 16.9oz 2pk
Preserva collection is formulated to provide color preserving care for color treated hair. Hair is healthy and hair color is vibrant. Preserva shampoo contains an advanced formulation of antioxidants, sunscreens and a unique polymer that provides essential protection from color fading and...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD121
Quantum Holiday 2019 Protectif 16.9oz 2pk
Protectif shampoo nourishes and repairs dry, damaged hair while gently cleansing. Specially formulated to help prevent moisture loss, it maintains hair’s vibrancy and strength. Protectif conditioner hydrates, repairs damage from deep within and protects hair from harmful UV rays and...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD106
Quantum Holiday 2019 Repaira 16.9oz 2pk
Repaira shampoo is formulated with a blend of reparative ingredients to help strengthen hair and repair damage while gently cleansing and adding shine. This unique blend of argan, olive and carrot oils, protect against breakage and enhance hair’s elasticity. Repaira conditioner smoothes,...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD116
S Factor Glamour On Smoothing Lusterizer 2pk 8.5oz
Includes Smoothing Lusterizer Shampoo and Conditioner 8.5oz This shine and rejuvenating shampoo & conditioner strengthens hair against breakage and keeps hair moisturized. This formula also protects your hair colour and leaves hair feeling silky smooth.
Item # RTI-SFA-XD230
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Holiday 2019 Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Retail 2pk
This pack includes retail sizes of: Hyaluronic Moisture Micellar Shampoo Hyaluronic Moisture Spray Conditioner When hair lacks moisture, it lacks shine, elasticity and bounce, making it brittle and harder to manage. Thirsty hair needs treatment fast; feeding it with essential moisture...
Item # RSC-BON-XD125
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Holiday 2019 Peptide Repair Rescue Retail 2pk
When hair is damaged, it loses its bounce, its healthy-looking appearance and its shine. And it’s no good just covering over the cracks. With Peptide Repair Rescue we can reverse 3 years of damage in just one application. The potent formulas with Peptides nourish, restructure and repair...
Item # RSC-BON-XD130
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Holiday 2019 pH 4.5 Color Freeze Retail 2pk
Includes pH 4.5 Color Freeze Rich Shampoo 250ml and Conditioner 200ml. There is nothing better than walking out of a salon with vibrant true colour. A good colourist will create the perfect balance of shades to suit their client's style and skin colour. Getting it right is a skilled science, so...
Item # RSC-BON-XD120
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Holiday 2019 Q10+ Time Restore Retail 2pk
Every hair is made of 95% keratin and every year our production of keratins diminishes. As we age, hair can become weak, limp, brittle or dry. This is why mature hair needs specific care. Add white hair, which needs even more moisture, into the equation and you need something really...
Item # RSC-BON-XD135
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Holiday 2019 Dashing Curls 2pk
This specially priced holiday 2 pack includes: OSiS+ Bouncy Curls, 200 mL OSiS+ Curl Honey, 150 mLMakes a great gift for her!
Item # RSC-OSI-XD110
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Holiday 2019 High Volume 2pk
Take hair to new heights this holiday season! Pack includes: Upload Volumizing Cream 6.8oz Volume Up Volume Booster Spray 8.5oz Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RSC-OSI-XD135
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Holiday 2019 The Essentials 2pk
This holiday 2 pack includes the following retail size OSiS products: OSiS+ Dust It, 10g OSiS+ Session Hairspray, 300 mL Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RSC-OSI-XD100
Schwarzopf OSiS+ Holiday 2019 Style Icons 2pk
This holiday pack includes: OSiS Powder Cloud Sprayable Powder 8g Super Dry Fix Strong Hold Hairspray 300ml
Item # RSC-OSI-XD150
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