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Holiday 2018 For Her

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Bed Head Glow Up Afterparty Masterpiece 2pk
Includes After Party 3.4oz and Masterpiece Shine Spray 9.5oz at a special price. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RTI-BED-XD830
Bed Head Glow Up Get Twisted + Foxy Curls Contour Cream 2pk
This set includes: Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray 6.8oz Foxy Curls Contour Cream 6.8oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD520
Bed Head Glow Up Queen For A Day Small Talk 2pk
Includes Superstar Queen For A Day 10.2oz and Small Talk 8oz at a special price. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RTI-BED-XD555
Bed Head Glow Up Resurrection Retail 2pk
Includes Resurrection Level 3 Shampoo 8.5oz and Conditioner 6.8oz at a special price. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RTI-BED-XD465
Bed Head Glow Up Totally Beachin 2pk
This duo includes retail size Totally Beachin' Shampoo and Conditioner. Hair being a total beach? Get rid of sweat, sea and sand to reveal those sun-kissed strands in all their soft and shiny glory. This amazing shampoo contains UV Complex which helps to filter and protect against harmful sun...
Item # RTI-BED-XD445
Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier 2pk 5.1oz
Buy one Curls Rock Ampllifier 5.1oz and get a second one for a special price!
Item # RTI-CAT-XD230
Catwalk Root Boost 2pk 8oz
For amazing lift and texture, fine mist foam delivers lift and support for long lasting, dramatic style. Adds strength, elasticity and smoothes while thickening hair. Doesn’t weigh hair down. Includes 2 retail size bottles. An incredible hairspray value!
Item # RTI-CAT-XD175
Color Wow Dream Coat Curly 3pk
Meet the curl whisperer!Breakthrough light-as-water and alcohol-free spray for perfectly defined crunch-free curls of your dreams! This holiday pack includes: Color Security Shampoo 8.5oz Color Security Conditioner Fine/Normal Dream Coat Curly 6.7oz
Item # RWO-WOW-XD135
Color Wow Dream Coat Smooth 3pk
The best-selling Dream Coat is in a holiday kit! Defy humidity for days and get the silky, liquid-y glossy texture of your dreams with Dream Coat! This holiday pack includes: Color Security Shampoo 8.4oz Color Security Conditioner Fine/Normal 8,4oz Dream Coat 6.7oz
Item # RWO-WOW-XD130
Joico Blonde Life 3pk
We love blondes. We’re fanatical about them. And we go especially gaga over those who proudly and unabashedly choose to lighten up. For that very reason, we’ve created Blonde Life, a luminous line of care and lightening products created specifically for hair that’s been...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD285
Joico Body Luxe Duo 10oz
Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo powers up the body, volume, and thickness of the finest strands without weighing hair down. Body Luxe Conditioner manages to give you all the lift and dimension you’re looking for, while leaving hair bouncy and tangle free. This pack includes: Body Luxe...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD280
Joico Color Endure 10oz 2pk
Just one level of fade protection? Discover full coverage color insurance. Sulfate-free Color Endure keeps color true to hue with our triple-threat Multi-spectrum Defense Complex,TM a mega complex of fade-defying Green Tea, antioxidants and UV protectors that fight both the physical and...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD160
Joico K-PAK Color Therapy 10oz 2pk
This pack includes retail size Color Therapy Shampoo, Conditioner and a Color Therapy Lustre Lock 140ml. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-KPA-XD124
Joico K-PAK Regular +  Luster Lock 3pk
This pack includes: K-PAK Shampoo 10.1oz K-PAK Reconstructor 5.1oz K-PAK Luster Lock 4.7oz Free Holiday gift toteMakes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-KPA-XD137
Joico K-PAK Regular 10oz 2pk
Original K-Pak shampoo and conditioner duo in cute holiday packaging. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RJO-KPA-XD165
Joico Moisture Recovery 2pk 10oz
Thirsty hair? Quench it! Moisture Recovery’s water-loving formulas deeply quench dry, dehydrated hair with our bio-diverse Hydramine sea Complex,TM where botanicals and amino acids from the sea meet the richest, most nourishing botanical butters and oils found on land to transform even the...
Item # RJO-JOI-XD155
Keune Silver Savior Retail 2pk
Brighten your blonde this holiday season with the Silver Savior duo. Silver savior duo holiday box includes: 1 x Silver Savior Shampoo, 300 ml 1 x Silver Savior Conditioner, 250 ml
Item # RKU-CAR-XD170
Keune Vital Nutrition Retail 2pk
Vital Nutrition is perfect if your hair is in need of some serious TLC. Active ingredients moisturize the inner hair structure while forming a barrier around damaged areas, restoring and revitalizing stressed strands. Your hair is also protected from dehydration, environmental damages and...
Item # RKU-CAR-XD160
Lanza Color Care Travel 3pk
Includes: Healing ColorCare Shampoo 1.7oz Healing ColorCare Conditioner 1.7oz Healing ColorCare Trauma Treatment 5oz Free Cosmetic BagMakes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD195
Lanza Healing Color Care Retail 3pk
Includes Color Care Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Trauma Treatment 5oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD150
Lanza Healing Moisture Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Moisture Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Noni Fruit Leave-In Conditioner 8.5oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD155
Lanza Healing Remedy Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Remedy Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Treatment 3.4oz Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD180
Lanza Healing Smooth Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Smooth Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz and Treatment 3.4oz in a holiday gift box. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD170
Lanza Healing Strength Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Strength Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz, and Neem Plant Silk Serum 3.4oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD160
Lanza Healing Volume Retail 3pk
Includes Healing Volume Shampoo 10oz, Conditioner 8.5oz, and Root Effects 6.8oz. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD165
Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Retail 3pk
Includes Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 250ml and Hair Treatment 100ml. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RLZ-LAH-XD145
Moroccanoil Everlasting Color 3pk
Included in this kit: Color Continue Shampoo 250ml Color Continue Conditioner 250ml Color Complete Protect and Prevent 50ml Bag
Item # RMO-MOR-XD225
Moroccanoil Everlasting Repair 3pk
This pack includes: Moisture Repair Shampoo 250ml Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask 75ml Travel Bag
Item # RMO-MOR-XD230
Moroccanoil Everlasting Style 3pk
Experience everlasting glamour with the Moroccanoil Holiday 2018 Collection. Step out this holiday season looking and feeling your best. Each limited edition set comes in a keepsake tin, featuring year-round essentials for gorgeous, healthy-looking hair that shines. This pack...
Item # RMO-MOR-XD240
Quantum Bio Actif Retail 2pk 16.9oz
This collection provides daily care for normal hair. Bio Actif shampoo gently yet effectively cleanses the hair, leaving it clean and fresh feeling and in the optimum state for styling. Bio Actif conditioner strengthens, conditions and protects against daily damage. Hair is healthy, shiny and...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD111
Quantum Finale Forte 2pk 13.5oz
Finalé Forté is an ultimate hold finishing spray that offers maximum control for long lasting style support. It protects hair, guards against humidity and imparts shine for a healthy appearance. Will not flake or build-up. Makes a great gift for her! Makes a great gift for him!
Item # RQU-QUA-XD130
Quantum Fixation Foam 10oz 2pk
Fixation is a light, fluffy foam that has excellent styling power; it conditions and protects hair, while providing great lift. This firm hold, long-lasting maximum volume builder mousse is perfect for sculpting, setting or thermal styling and is alcohol free. It will not dry out hair, fade...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD131
Quantum Preserva 16.9oz 2pk
Preserva collection is formulated to provide color preserving care for color treated hair. Hair is healthy and hair color is vibrant. Preserva shampoo contains an advanced formulation of antioxidants, sunscreens and a unique polymer that provides essential protection from color fading and...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD121
Quantum Protectif 2pk 16.9oz
Protectif shampoo nourishes and repairs dry, damaged hair while gently cleansing. Specially formulated to help prevent moisture loss, it maintains hair’s vibrancy and strength. Protectif conditioner hydrates, repairs damage from deep within and protects hair from harmful UV rays and...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD106
Quantum Repaira Retail 2pk 16.9oz
Repaira shampoo is formulated with a blend of reparative ingredients to help strengthen hair and repair damage while gently cleansing and adding shine. This unique blend of argan, olive and carrot oils, protect against breakage and enhance hair’s elasticity. Repaira conditioner smoothes,...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD116
Quantum Sequence Foam 2pk 10oz
Quantum Sequence Style 2pk Sequence is a weightless, medium hold foam that has exceptional conditioning and styling properties. It provides body, volume and texture, even to fine hair. It is alcohol free, will not dry out hair and will not flake.
Item # RQU-QUA-XD135
Quantum Sterling Retail 2pk 16.9oz
This violet shampoo and conditioner help maintain and brighten blond, highlighted, grey, white and silver hair by neutralizing unwanted brassy tones. It imparts instant brightness, body and shine while cleansing and toning. Includes 16.9oz size Sterling Shampoo and Conditioner. Makes a great...
Item # RQU-QUA-XD100
S Factor Glamour On Smoothing Lusterizer 2pk 8.5oz
Includes Smoothing Lusterizer Shampoo and Conditioner 8.5oz This shine and rejuvenating shampoo & conditioner strengthens hair against breakage and keeps hair moisturized. This formula also protects your hair colour and leaves hair feeling silky smooth.
Item # RTI-SFA-XD230
S Factor Serious Retail 2pk
Buy S-Factor Serious Shampoo 8.5oz and Conditioner 5.1oz for a special price. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RTI-SFA-XD140
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Retail 2pk
This pack includes retail sizes of: Hyaluronic Moisture Micellar Shampoo Hyaluronic Moisture Spray Conditioner When hair lacks moisture, it lacks shine, elasticity and bounce, making it brittle and harder to manage. Thirsty hair needs treatment fast; feeding it with essential moisture...
Item # RSC-BON-XD125
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Retail 2pk
When hair is damaged, it loses its bounce, its healthy-looking appearance and its shine. And it’s no good just covering over the cracks. With Peptide Repair Rescue we can reverse 3 years of damage in just one application. The potent formulas with Peptides nourish, restructure and repair...
Item # RSC-BON-XD130
Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Retail 2pk
Includes pH 4.5 Shampoo 8.5oz and Conditioner 6.8oz. There is nothing better than walking out of a salon with vibrant true colour. A good colourist will create the perfect balance of shades to suit their client's style and skin colour. Getting it right is a skilled science, so it's no surprise...
Item # RSC-BON-XD120
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dashing Curls 2pk
This specially priced holiday 2 pack includes: OSiS+ Bouncy Curls, 200 mL OSiS+ Curl Honey, 150 mLMakes a great gift for her! #SKPHoliday2017
Item # RSC-OSI-XD110
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ High Volume 2pk
This holiday 2 pack includes the following retail size OSiS products: OSiS+ Volume Up, 250 mL OSiS+ Big Blast, 200 mL Makes a great gift for her! #SKPHoliday2017
Item # RSC-OSI-XD115
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Smooth Sparkle 2pk
This set includes: OSis+ Miracle 15 Styling Balm OSiS Sparkler Shine Spray 300g
Item # RSC-OSI-XD105
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Style Icons 2pk
Includes OSiS Powder Cloud Sprayable Powder 8g and Super Dry Fix Strong Hold Hairspray 10oz.
Item # RSC-OSI-XD150
Schwarzkopf OSiS+ The Essentials 2pk
This holiday 2 pack includes the following retail size OSiS products: OSiS+ Dust It, 10g OSiS+ Session Hairspray, 300 mL Makes a great gift for her! #SKPHoliday2017
Item # RSC-OSI-XD100
Unite 7 Seconds Retail 3pk
Gift Set Includes: 7 Seconds Shampoo 8oz 7 Seconds Conditioner 8oz 7 Seconds Leave-In Detangler 8oz Holographic Travel Bag
Item # RUN-UNI-XD165
Unite Blonda Retail 3pk
Gift Set Includes: Blonda Shampoo 8oz Blonda Conditioner 8oz 7 Seconds Leave-In Detangler 8oz Holographic Travel Tote
Item # RUN-UNI-XD180
Unite Blow & Style Giftset 3pk
This giftset includes: Texturiza Dry Finishing Spray 7oz 7Seconds Glossing Spray 6oz 7Seconds BlowOut Creme 7oz
Item # RUN-UNI-XD225
Unite Boing Retail 3pk
This pack includes: Boing Shampoo 300ml Boing Conditioner 236ml Boing Leave-In Holographic Travel Bag
Item # RUN-UNI-XD150
Verb Ghost Weightless + Protect 4pk
Verb Ghost Weightless + Protect Holiday 4pk includes: Ghost Shampoo 12oz Ghost Conditioner 12oz Ghost Hairspray 6.8oz Ghost Oil 2oz
Item # RVE-VER-XD115
Verb Volume Retail 4pk
This Verb holiday 4pk includes: Volume Shampoo 12oz Volume Conditioner 12oz Dry Shampoo (Light) 4oz Ghost Oil 2oz
Item # RVE-VER-XD105




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