• Kwickway Luminati Clear Thermal Film Roll 150'

Kwickway Luminati Clear Thermal Film Roll 150'

Luminati brings a culture created by you! As a company they don’t just follow trends, Kwichway pushes the limits of colour performance and always consider both sides of the chair from the artist to the client.

  • 150’ roll in dispenser box with built-in cutter
  • Thermal insulation for better, faster processing times without heat on high lift applications
  • Less product needed per application
  • More even and consistent lift from root to ends
  • Non slip, keeping film tighter to root area, reducing bleeding when applying
  • Luminati™ is re-usable up to 3x, making it more cost effective to salons as well as helping reduce the carbon footprint with each application
  • Fast and easy to rinse the thermal film before putting into recycling


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