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Allure is a haircare brand dedicated to developing innovative & quality products! Founded in 2011, Allure started off with one product - the Allure 450 Flat Iron which became a staple tool to have at every salon station. In 2017, Allure launched another hot-seller, the perfectly crafted Allure Straightening Brush. Today, Allure carries a wide range of professional hair products from Allure Precision Shears, to the Allure All-Purpose Cleaner, to the Allure Reusable Towels.

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Allure 450 is a professional friction-free ceramic layered plated 1" flat iron. Floating tourmaline leaves hair silky smooth and locks in shine. Adjustable temp goes up to 450 degrees,is adjustable temp for any hair type, and is perfect for keratin smoothing treatments. Allure Precision shears are hand crafted Japanese steel with an ergonomic crane grip and adjustable ball screw for ultimate comfort. Superb quality backed by a 3 year limited warranty. Allure End Papers - protects hair during heat-treated wave or perm services. Keeps hair flat and straight around rods to ensure even distribution of perm solution. Absorbs excess treatment while keeping hair saturated in perm solution.




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