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Y.S. Park 122 Extra Long Tail Comb - Black
The long tail on this comb allows you to work with longer foils and achieve the perfect freehand col..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC122B
Y.S. Park 254 Flex Carbon Barber Comb 187mm Black
The thinnest Y.S.Park Barber Comb at only 1.1mm thick, giving you a super close cut. It is super fle..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC254
Y.S. Park 332 Carbon Cutting Comb 185mm - Black
The ultimate cutting comb for complete versatility! This comb allows you to detangle and "feel" the ..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC332
Y.S. Park 335 Carbon Cutting Comb 215mm - Black
The choice of comb for these who want precision and extra tension with long hair clients, despite it..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC335
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Y.S. Park 336 Cutting Comb Fine Wide - Blue
This comb is perfect for all lengths of hair, it's size makes it an obvious choice for short to medi..
Y.S. Park 339 Cutting Comb 180mm - White
This well recognised cutting comb is everyone's favourite, from the beginner right up through to the..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC339W
Y.S. Park 452 Carbon Cutting Comb 190mm - Black
Gentle on the scalp and gentle on the hair. this wide tooth comb gives a natural feel when combing, ..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC452
Y.S. Park 645 Tint Brush Black
Durable, easy-to-clean flexible plastic material. Sized to suit all tinting needs. Specially curved ..
Item # SHL-YSP-TATB645
Y.S. Park Barber Set 5pk
Includes: Clipper Comb 205mm Clipper Comb 167mm Barber Comb Sprayer Neck Fitter ..
Item # SCO-YSP-XD100
Y.S. Park Carbon Barber Clipper Comb - Black
9.5" long Concave Top Flat Top Surface – Clipper Over Comb Strong and Durable Teeth, with..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC282
Y.S. Park Carbon Barber Comb 167mm - Black
The YS Park 252 has the same shape as their top-selling YS Park 232 comb, but adds to that better fl..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC252
Y.S. Park Carbon Barber Comb 205mm - Black
YS Park 209 Barber Comb - Carbon. Smooth yet strong, the YS Park 209 Barber Comb is made from ultem-..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC209
Y.S. Park 150 Carbon Tail Comb 218mm
Hello volume! The perfect comb for teasing hair with triple teeth for irresistible volume and body. ..
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC150 Series
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