Schwarzkopf Professional - Together. A Passion For Hair. Dedicated to creativity, Schwarzkopf Professional is built on a trusted foundation of expertise and quality. With over a century of innovation to celebrate, you can expect a global dynamic presence that keeps the hairdresser at its heart. Creating professional partnerships is at the core of what they do, it’s their philosophy and their point of difference. Staying ahead of the game and meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated client base demands total commitment to our partner, the hairdresser. Schwarzkopf believes in a passion shared – a passion for hair. They believe in true partnerships – a two-way relationship for life.

Schwarzkopf Professional - they exist for hairdressers.

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[3D]Mension is 100% engineered for men with [3D] care effects with the ultimate grooming performance, instant refreshing effect, powered by scientifically proven active ingredients. [3D]Mension activates the roots, refreshes the scalp and strengthens the hair.

BC Bonacure brings hair closer than ever to natural perfection. Discover BC Bonacure's specific therapies for: damaged and distressed hair, coloed and distressed hair, normal to dry hair, anti-aging formula, unmanageable and frizzy hair, extremely damaged hair, all hai types and sun stressed hair.

Blondes expect real blonde perfection and an individual, unique result - but uneven bases, poor hair quality, correct neutralization or different levels of experience are some of the many challenges. This is why Schwarzkopf created BlondMe. BLONDME IS BASED ON 3 EASY STEPS TO ICONIC BLONDE: 1. PROTECTION Apply BLONDME Pre-Lift Kera Protector, a unique treatment, before BLONDME lightening or coloration processes. It creates a protecting shield that helps to preserve virgin hair surface quality from chemical damage for a visibly clearer, even blonde. 2. LIGHTENING, TONING & COLORING To create customized blondes, choose between BLONDME premium performance lightening and toning products with ultimate convenience and 100% diamond-like clarity, endless creativity and optimal color intensity. Alternatively, achieve iconic blondes easily in one step by using BLONDME shortcuts to blonde perfection. 3. MAINTENANCE In order to keep the perfect blonde that you created salon-fresh for longer, use BLONDME special care products that are exclusively designed to meet the individual needs of all blonde types.

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Essensity Color by Schwarzkopf is their first permanent ammonia-free oil-colour with Phytolipid Technology which delivers real colour results, natural intensity and pure softness while using natural ingredients where possible.

IGORA VIBRANCE, a state of the art moisturising demi-permanent hair colour, with a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or cream for more service options. Discover how IGORA VIBRANCE can do #MORE for your creativity, clients and colour business!

Stuck in a styling rut? Following the same daily routine? Need some fresh inspiration? OSiS+ inspires you to 'Kill routine', with consistencies & products that are sure to inject some energy and creativity into your salon. Get inspired and reveal the individuality of each of your clients and create their unique style!

Driven by the uncompromising needs of session stylists, this curated and exclusively professional styling range meets today’s hairdressers’ needs in full. Twelve innovative, high-performance, super-lightweight formulas have been made to layer without overburdening and empower every stylist to bring their own visions to life.

tbh - true beautiful honest Inspired by a deep longing for self–expression and authenticity, tbh - true beautiful honest provides a truly unique, beautifully authentic and genuinely honest solution to hair colouring. It’s truly unique It’s beautifully authentic It’s genuinely honest Truly unique multi-dimensional nuances playing with the hair's naturals highs and lows. Beautifully authentic shimmering powdery nuances with subtle iridescent undertones that enhance and beautify rather than reduce or conceal. We are honest about what is in our products. Our formulas have been crafted with natural ingredients where we can and the remaining have been carefully selected for performance, allowing us to deliver you our very best. It’s tbh – true beautiful honest