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SilkLine All Purpose Plastic Liners 100pk
All-purpose plastic liners to protect mitts, booties or caps during paraffin wax or moisturizing lotion treatments.
SilkLine Full Size Paraffin Warmer
Holds 6 lb of paraffin wax Thermostatically controlled heating unit can be left on overnight for early morning appointments Tub stays cool to the touch Paraffin can be checked for readiness without lifting the protective cover
Therabath Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath Unit With Pea Paraffin Wax
After nearly 50 years of manufacturing the Therabath as you know it, we have spruced it up and given it a more modern appeal, while maintaining the branding and features that have given the Therabath the recognition for superior quality it deserves. The Therabath Paraffin runs in an "always...
Item # EWX-WRM-TB2
GiGi Paraffin Wax 16oz
GiGi Cinnamon-Apple Paraffin is enriched with cinnamon bark and apple extracts. Cinnamon extract stimulates blood circulation and promotes healing while apple fruit extract provides vitamin C and nutrients for the skin.  GiGi Lavender Paraffin is enriched with Grape Seed Oil. Anti-oxidants...
Item # EWX-AME-PCIN Series
Therabath Theraffin Wax Beads 6lbs
Perfect for pedicures and foot treatments. Infused with Essential Oils.
Item # EWX-WRM-TPER6 Series
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