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  • PMD Clean Acne Carolina Blue

PMD Clean Acne Carolina Blue

The PMD Clean Acne is a smart facial cleansing device that uses SonicGlow™ Technology ensuring a deep, daily cleanse.

The PMD Clean Acne utilizes Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatments to kill acne-causing bacteria leaving you with clear, glowing skin.


  • Mode 1: Gentle Vibration
  • Mode 2: Intense Vibration
  • Instructions: Use twice daily to cleanse skin for a fresh, radiant look.

 3-Minute Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatment:

  • Instructions: Use daily on acne or problem areas.

Sonic Glow Technology:

  • Breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute while operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin.

Blue Light Therapy Spot Treatment:

  • Uses powerful medical grade LEDs to emit blue light that is used specifically for the treatment of mild to moderate acne.

The Beauty Of Silicone:

  • Created with ultra-hygienic silicone to be odor-resistant, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof.

Customizable For All Skin Types:

  • Designed with two powerful modes and bristles gentle enough for all skin types.


  •  Soft Silicone Bristles
  • Blue Light Therapy
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic Design


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