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  • PMD Wave Pro Blush

PMD Wave Pro Blush

The PMD Wave Pro is an advanced skin spatula that extracts, infuses, and lifts using SonicGlow™ Technology and EMS to leave skin glowing and radiant. Use the PMD Wave Pro to extract, infuse, and lift.


  • Minimize the appearance of enlarged pores & blackheads
  • Reduce oil congestion
  • Softer, smoother skin 
  • Deeper absorption of skincare products
  • Lift & tone the skin
  • Extract mode uses negative ions that help lift debris, dead skin, and sebum out of the pores.
  • Infuse mode uses positive ions that split skincare into smaller molecules. This allows skincare to be more easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Lift mode uses EMS, an electrical current to stimulate the muscles, helping to give a more toned and youthful appearance.

How To Use:

  • Dampen skin with water or toner.
  • Turn on Extract Mode.
  • With the front side turned down, gently glide in an upward and outward motion.
  • Apply moisturizer or serum.
  • Turn on Infuse Mode.
  • Using back of the device, gently infuse skincare in an upward motion.
  • Mist face with toner.
  • Turn On Lift Mode.
  • With fingers on both Touch Points, lift in an upward and outward direction by crow’s feet, eyebrows, and lip lines.
  • Turn on Extract Mode.
  • Place PreciseXtractor™ over blackhead or whitehead and gently push down to extract.

How To Charge:

  • Charging Port: The charging port can be found in the center of the device's base.
  • Insert Charger: Insert non-USB end of cord into bottom of device.
  • Charging Time: If power button light turns on, device is charging. Light will turn off when fully charged (~3 hours).


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