• Skeyndor Uniqcure Renewal Peeling Concentrate 2ml 7pk

Skeyndor Uniqcure Renewal Peeling Concentrate 2ml 7pk

Renewal Peeling Concentrate, the new leave-on peel ampoule from Skeyndor. This new concentrate moisturizes and brightens your skin and is inspired in the best aesthetic medicine peels. Its formula with 15% acids helps to soften thick skin and skin with pores or acne scars. Do not hesitate to prepare and care for your skin with Renewal Peeling Concentrate.

Skincare: For dull, thick, or has open pores or acne scars.

Active Ingredients: Glycolic, Gluconolactone and Phytic

Benefits: Hydrating moisture. Moisturised and re-mineralised skin.

How To Use:

  • Open the ampoule, put the applicator in position and then apply the product to your hands and spread over face, neck and cleavage with smoothing manoeuvres.
  • Carry out an energising massage with correcting effect, applying pinches.
  • Set the product with the palms of your hands and apply your usual or recommended cream.


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