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  • Esquire Grooming The 5 Piece Trimmer Set BOGO Offer

Esquire Grooming The 5 Piece Trimmer Set BOGO Offer

Purchase a 5 Piece Trimmer Set, get one free!

The Five Piece Trimmer Set offers power, precision, control and versatility. Instantly interchange any of the five grooming blades to achieve a well-groomed look around the tightest curves and toughest crevices—tackle your client's beard, nose, ears, unibrow, neckline, underarms, back, and any other place hair can grow. Makes a great gift for him!

Set Includes:

  • Detailing T-Blade Stainless Steel Blade for Extreme Precision
  • Wide Stainless Steel Blade for Clean Lines and Cu­tting Performance
  • U-Blade for Lining and Designing
  • Nose Hair Trimmer and Shaver
  • Five Comb A­ttachments for Various Cu­tting Lengths (2, 4, 6, 12, 16mm)
  • Power Rechargeable Base and Charger
  • Comb, Cleaning Brush, and Blade Oil


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